How to Improve Your Love Language

How to Improve Your Love Language

The 5 Love Languages® can be a great resource when looking for ways to strengthen your relationship. The fact is that we all feel loved and appreciated in different ways, and chances are you and your partner have different love languages (Opposites attract, right?).

Having said that, knowing each other’s language and putting it into action are two different things. Even if you have taken the love language quiz and understand what they mean, it can be hard to know how to use that information.

Here at Crated with Love, we focus on providing date night boxes that inspire fun and laughter while you and your partner strengthen your relationship. On top of that, our boxes are a great way to put your love languages into action! Below, we’ve outlined each language and how our dates can help you put your love language knowledge to good use!

Quality Time

Okay, we will start off with the easy one. People whose primary love language is Quality Time feel most loved during those intimate, one-on-one moments together. That time away from the world of distractions we face each day means the most to them.

We need to emphasize that it’s important to get rid of distractions. Turning away to answer a “quick text” immediately decreases the feeling of intimacy. A couple of these interruptions and the mood of the night is ruined.

With our date boxes, we help you create quality time each month. We do all the planning, provide you with all the items, and create games and activities that help you maximize that alone time. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about scheduling or future dates. With our date night subscription, you and your partner will receive a brand new date each month filled with adventure, surprises, and moments to reconnect.

Words of Affirmation

Those that have Words of Affirmation as their love language feel the most love by hearing their partner’s appreciation for them and what they do. Communication is key to this language and the ability to open up and share your emotions is vital to showing love.

Improving your use of this love language can be as simple as saying “I love you” more often or adding a compliment to it. An idea we like to suggest is getting a pack of sticky notes and leaving them around the house with something sweet or a compliment written on them. Imagine finding a random sticky note on your desk that says how good your partner thought you looked today.

One thing that we really try to put an emphasis on is communication when it comes to our date night games. Many of our activities encourage words of affirmation through engagement and interaction, usually in fun ways you’d never even expect! Our goal is to offer new ways for you to tell your partner how much you love and appreciate them. You may KNOW your partner loves you, but hearing it in a unique way or from a different perspective can be powerful.

Receiving Gifts

If your partner has Receiving Gifts as their primary love language, it means that they feel the most love and appreciation from those small, sentimental gifts you give. It’s not about the money you spend or how extravagant the gift is, it’s about the thought and dedication that is behind it.

Picking up your partner’s favorite ice cream on the way home or printing out a nice picture of you two together are both inexpensive but thoughtful gifts that are sure to make your significant other smile and feel loved.

One cool aspect of our date night boxes is that every month you and your partner receive a new gift to each other, literally! Seeing your Crated with Love box arrive can give you both such a sense of wonder and excitement. Especially because we have a new design each month, so don’t know what you’ll find inside!

More than that, we often challenge you and your partner to continue that gift giving after your date box is through. Many times, you and your partner will be competing against each other for prizes or certain things to gift one another later. Even though our boxes come but once a month, we want to encourage you to keep that engagement going!

Physical Touch

Individuals with Physical Touch as their love language love to be cuddled! Holding hands or a warm embrace after a long day at work can go a long way for them. Sometimes when they need to feel a little love, all they want is to curl up with you on the couch.

The great thing about this love language is that you can still improve it even if you’re extremely tired from work or hobbies. In fact, being tired probably makes you more likely to want to snuggle up and watch a show or movie together. If your love language is physical touch, just feeling your partner’s body next to yours satisfies your desire for affection.

Some of them may seem silly, but many of our date night games involve physical interaction between you and your partner. Whether it’s Kiss Poker in our 52FIVE mini-date or winning a 5-minute massage from your partner on your way to finding the antidote during your Zombie Apocalypse Date Night, we love to include ways for you and your partner to get physically close.

Acts of Service

Having the Acts of Service love language means you love it when your partner goes out of their way to do something nice for you. Even small actions like surprising you with your favorite dinner or presenting you with a warm towel right out of the dryer can make you feel special and appreciated.

If your partner is overloaded with work, offer do cook dinner or pick up the kids from school. A simple act that shows them you care about their happiness is exactly what this love language is based on.

With most of our date night boxes, we challenge you to do small acts for your partner during your date and throughout the month. It doesn’t matter how big or small those actions are, they require you to put your partner first, and there is no better feeling than that!

Ready to start improving your love languages?

Subscribing to our date box subscription is a great way for you to not only practice using your Love Languages, it is a fun way to create new memories together and to reconnect with each other every month! Click below to learn more about our boxes!

Start Your Date Night Adventure!

The 5 Love Languages® were created by Dr. Gary Chapman. Buy the book or take the official quiz!

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