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"Couldn't ask for a better date!"
- Patricia

What's inside our date night boxes?
Each month is an exciting new theme, with games and activities to promote fun and connection with your partner. Every date night box contains at least four activities along with other fun items to make your date night in a blast!

No more planning.

Who has time to plan a fun date? We do! Let us plan your at-home date night. No babysitter needed.

Save money.

Have you seen how much a ticket costs at theaters?! Our boxes start at just $29.99 per date (yes, the WHOLE date)!

Reconnect with each other.

Each box comes with games and activities focused on inspiring laughter while helping to strengthening your relationship.

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What other couples are saying.

After 14 years and 3 kids, we reached a low point. Crated with Love was a huge turning point in our relationship. The game asks you questions in a different way, so he really opened up about things he had never said before. It saved us. Thank you!!


Dating is hard even at the best of times but with a 1, 3, and 5 year old it’s almost impossible. Crated with Love guarantees a easy, no prep, date night in, and they have all been fantastic.


We were laughing like we did back in our dating years.


Thank you so much for this!! Crated with Love is THE BEST date night box out there!! I look forward to it every month! It always gets better!! The games.. the music.. the extras.. the fun! Try just one box, you’ll be hooked!!


These boxes have revitalized our date nights and are especially great since so many places are still closed due to covid. We love that we have a fun and interactive date night to do right at home so we don’t have to pay for a babysitter!


We got our first crate and had our first date night in! It was a blast!!!


My honey and I love the date boxes! They get us doing the two things that I think are the most important foundations of our relationship - talking, and laughing. LOTS of laughing!


We love these boxes! They are each creative and well thought out. They each have goals to accomplish that are well explained before beginning. Since we have 2 young kids, these boxes are a must since it is much harder to get out these days.