The Perfect
Date Night Box

Created to help you reconnect with your partner by inspiring fun and laughter every month.

Is date night getting hard to plan?

Who has time to plan a fun date? We do! Let us plan your at-home date night. No babysitter needed.

We got your budget's back!

Have you seen how much popcorn is at the theaters?! Our boxes start at just $20 per date (yes, the WHOLE date)!

Reconnect with each other.

Each box comes with games and activities focused on inspiring laughter while helping to strengthen your realtionship.

We like the sound of that!
How does it work?

Customize your subscription!

With plans starting at $20 per box, we have options for every couple.

We create your awesome date!

Every month is a new theme and a new date night adventure.

We ship your date (free, of course).

We ship throughout the month, so you’ll never have to wait too long for your date night to arrive.

You Enjoy your night together!

Spend some time reconnecting and laughing with your partner!


  • Receive two emails every week
  • Includes relationship building activities
  • Three new date ideas every week
  • Less than a cup of coffee

Date Night Box

  • Receive everything needed for your date!
  • New adventures every month!
  • Games and activities to help you reconnect!
  • All orders include free US shipping!