A Zombie Apocalypse Date Night Box

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Zombie Apocalypse Date Night

The world needs your help! Everyone is turning into zombies (probably from the lack of date night)! You and your partner are the only ones that can save the planet!

Your goal is simple: come up with an antidote for this disease and deliver it to the Safe Zone (a community of people who managed to escape safely). But you must be careful! These zombies are for real. They only have two weaknesses: marshmallows and supporting words of affirmation (it’s a very specific type of zombie disease). Do you have what it takes to save the day?


Relationship Focus: Conflict Resolution

Okay, so most of the conflicting scenarios we have in our relationships aren’t as serious as a zombie apocalypse. But, those stressful situations can still affect your relationship. With this date night box, we wanted to focus on how you can use teamwork and support for each other to overcome some of those obstacles you might face as a couple, even when you don’t agree. We’ve included a special card in this box to help you with your conflict resolution needs.


This date is perfect for couples who love…

Zombies and escape challenges or for any couple that loves to play board games while spending some time together!


Allergen Info: This box does not contain any food items.


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