Check out some of our most recent date boxes! Each date is a completely new and unique experience!

The Hunt for Blackbeard’s Plunder

January 2020

This date night starts off at 17,500 feet above sea level! Prepare to take the long and dangerous journey to the top of Mount Everest in this date night box! Watch out for Eddie the Yeti though! 😱

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The Hunt for Blackbeard’s Plunder

December 2019

Arg matey! It’s time to set sail to sea! Legend has it Blackbeard’s treasure has unimaginable riches and incredible date nights! Many couples all over the world have joined the hunt. Will you be the ones to find it?

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The Red Planet

November 2019

You and your partner have been chosen to leave Earth on a once in a lifetime date night to Mars. It will be up to you to scout out and explore the Red Planet so that we can create a self-sustaining community!

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The Cursed Cabin of Camp Smiley

October 2019

What was supposed to be a relaxing getaway has turned into the spookiest night of your life! Will you and your partner survive Camp Smiley?

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Love You Bunches

September 2019

Take a tour down Napa Valley as you and your partner bond while learning all about how wine is made!

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Retro Game Show

August 2019

You and your partner are transported to a super old school game show and must now compete to see who can score the most points! Will you be victorious?

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The Honolulu Heist

July 2019

$2 million has been stolen from The First National Bank of Honolulu. The police have narrowed down the search to 4 suspects and it is now up to you and your partner to figure out who did it! Can you solve the crime?

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Quest for the Golden Chalice

June 2019

Join forces with your partner to defeat the dragon and mythical creatures on the quest to retrieve the ancient relic! Make sure to prepare, because the journey won’t be easy.

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Our Vegas Variety Show

May 2019

Take date night to Vegas! Improve your relationship by working together to put on the best show the city has ever seen!

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A Zombie Apocalypse Date Night

April 2019

Oh no! A zombie apocalypse has broken out! All your favorite couples are turning into date night-free zombies and it’s up to you and your partner to save the world by finding the antidote!

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Date Night in the Wild Wild West

March 2019

Grab your partner and saddle up your horses. You’re heading west! It’s a wild place out there, so make sure you and your partner are prepared to become the baddest cowboy couple in the land.

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Our Sweetheart Safari

January 2019

You and your partner have won an all-expense paid safari! Explore the jungle, see beautiful sights, and make sure not to get eaten by lions on the way!

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