Destination: Space intergalactic themed date night box with included items on its sides
Destination: Space
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Destination: Space

Destination: Space

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Destination: Space - An intergalactic Date Night Mission

Greetings, Earthlings! In this date night, you will be traveling through space with the assistance of GAIL, your Galactic Artificial Intelligence Liaison, as she guides you through the universe and different challenges. Be sure to pack your bag and prepare for launch. Your trip is starting soon!

Relationship Focus: Holding Space

What does it mean to hold space? When we hold space for someone we love, we give them room to share their experiences, thoughts, and feelings without judgement or need for a plan. This date night will go more in depth on how to best hold space for your partner and each other.

This date is perfect for couples who…

The Destination: Space date box is perfect for couples who love science fiction, space, and getting lost in an imaginary world.

Allergen Info: This box does not contain any food items.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Faith Meyer
Absolutely loved it!!

We had SO much fun and we’re blown away by how much there was to enjoy in this date night box! It was more like 3 epic date nights packed into one!!! Such a huge blessing!! Highly recommend!

Raquel Slovina
More than just a date night in! More like a week of dates in a box!

We love and recommend Crated with Love! We are 40 and blended and this definitely helps set aside “us” time. Quizzes, games, and theme are always put together well. We even find costumes to go with our months theme and add a little dress up to the mix! (Not usually included tho our Wild West box did have a few dress up items). Only downside to our dates so far is that they do not always arrive on time. We waited 3 extra weeks for our October box. So, we bought a few one time boxes to fill in the gap which worked out great but I would like it if they mailed all of their months subscriptions first,before putting the new box on the market to sell as a one time box. Other than that- definitely recommend! We have almost a full year of monthly date nights to look forward to and without much effort or planning on our part. Our favorite box so far has been The Greek Odyssey date. We loved the full quiz booklet in that one that was reminiscent of the quizzes I used to take in teen magazines in the 90s, plus a mix of acting and history activities. Thank you to the CratedWithLove team!!

Eva Osterlee
Loved it!

It was the perfect anniversary gift! We will definitely order another one in the future.

Karl Bockemeier

We had our anniversary date night last night. I made this a surprise gift for her. Instead of going out to a restaurant (we’re still COVID shy) we decided to make a nice dinner at home. I suggested lamb. I then said, “why don’t we go all out and make baclava” she didn’t know about the gift yet. It worked out great! We had fun and decided to stretch things out over several nights by doing an activity or two each night. These are great for when you can’t get out.