The Best Card Games for Couples in 2023

The Best Card Games for Couples in 2023

Do you and your partner want to find something new and exciting to do for date night? Try a card game! They're a great way to bond and kick-start conversations (while adding a few laughs along the way). Below, we've compiled a list of the best card games for couples. Whether you're looking for something to help you get to know each other better or just want to have some fun, there's sure to be something here that you and your partner will enjoy.


#1 Mix It Up Date Night Generator

Forget about looking for ideas for dinner and a movie night again! Never worry about being stuck for an activity - this date night generator has you covered! With the Mix It Up Date Night Generator, you and your partner have over 100,000 challenge combinations to help bring some new spice to movie night.

#2 SPIN! - A Spin the Bottle Game for Couples

For couples looking for a fun and intimate way to laugh and connect, SPIN! provides a unique twist on a classic game. The set includes 150 cards with prompts, plus a bottle for spinning. This silly and slightly intimate game is the perfect end to a night with your significant other.

#3 141 Outrageous Conversation Starters for Couples

No more dull conversations on date night! If you are looking for more unique conversations, try this deck of 141 topics to invigorate your talks, bringing more fun and creativity. Out with the old, in with the new - these off-the-wall ideas are perfect for inspiring, stimulating, and memorable discussions.

#4 Out on the Town Date Night Scratch Off Cards

A perfect present for your partner or a couple you love, the OOTT Scratch Off card deck provides 52 unique date night challenges, each requiring $30 or less to complete, and each is a simple plan.

#5 Sushi Go!

This card game is an absolute delight for two players; each will try to acquire certain sushi combinations to gain points. Start by looking at your hand, selecting a card, and then passing it to your partner. You'll keep repeating this process until the game is complete. As if the cards weren't fun enough, the game is easy and fast and only takes about 15 minutes per round. So, grab your favorite takeout sushi and get to playing!

#6 Our Moments

Trust, connection, and communication are the primary focus of bringing the couple closer together. This simple conversation starter pack is designed to build long-lasting relationships, and is perfect if you're looking for a game that transports you both to the simpler times of your relationship. This game is specifically geared toward helping couples rekindle their passion for one another.

#7 Codenames Duet

Codenames Duet, not a conversation starter but an entertainment initiator, is distinct from the average "couple card game." The game's goal is to discover the agents' identities. But you must play strategically. Instead of focusing on questions about yourself or your relationship, the aim of the game is to discover the secret identity.

#8 Talk Flirt Dare

A game perfect for date nights, Talk Flirt Dare offers three categories for couples or groups to explore. Talk encourages deep conversations, Flirt encourages digging more profound, and Dare encourages daring and revealing actions. It's easy to play: simply take turns drawing cards. Pick a card and answer the question or accomplish the dare listed.

#9 Love Lingual

Perfect for couples who have been married for years and years, this game is not corny but covers a wide range of topics to help partners better understand each other. But be aware some cards discuss sex and intimacy, so it may be best to keep the game between just the two of you! *winky face*

#10 Exploding Kittens

Playing the game of avoiding the exploding kittens is quite the challenge - as one can imagine. But this game makes it fun-filled and silly. Strategies and cards are available to prevent drawing a kitten that'll explode and cause defeat. These cards aid in defusing the kittens, avoiding them, or reducing other risks. Will you or your partner survive first?

#11 We're Not Really Strangers

We're Not Really Strangers card game is a "purpose-driven card game and movement all about empowering meaningful connections," according to the manufacturer. Divided into three levels - "Perception," "Connection," and "Reflection" - the game consists of 150 cards. It asks the right questions, allowing you to "deepen your existing relationships as well as create new ones." The "final card" has players write a note to each other that is exchanged after the game, yet not to be opened until after parting.

#12 Best Self - Intimacy 

Reigniting the spark in your relationship can be done with the Intimacy Deck. This card game strives to build a healthier and happier relationship between partners. It encourages honesty, openness, and sincerity to restore the trust that may have been lost. On your first date, you felt a connection that you have been searching for since. "Intimacy—a tool for deeper connection and conversation with your partner" is the answer to recapturing that special feeling.


A unique card game, SERVD, requires two willing partners to agree on a timeframe and commit to it to experience its thrilling gameplay. Upon doing so, each partner is provided with a unique set of cards. These cards can be layered on each other to create strategies or be shut down to cancel their effects. Whether days, weeks, or months, SERVD is an exciting game that encourages thoughtful planning.


We all occasionally need a way to add a spark to our relationship. But with card games for couples, there's always a way to rekindle the passion and spice up your love life! Choose the best one for you and your partner, and bring the love and magic back!


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