The Complete Guide to Games for Couples

The Complete Guide to Games for Couples

Games are a great way to bring couples together and have some fun. Whether you're looking for something to do on a date night or just want to spend some quality time with your partner, there are plenty of games out there that can help you do just that.

There's something for everyone, from two-player board games and card games to video games and apps. In this blog post, we'll explore the different types of games available for couples, what makes a great couples game, and provide some options in each of seven categories.

Just a side note that our guide doesn't include every game perfect for couples. That would be impossible. Instead, we hope to show you all the different opportunities you have to create a fun experience with your partner based on your preferences. And if we can inspire you to try one of the options below, our job is done!


Game Categories for Couples

When it comes to finding the perfect game for you and your significant other, there are several categories to choose from: 


Date night games for couples:

You may not believe it, but there are actually games and kits specifically designed to include experiences and activities for couples (trust us, we know them well). These boxes and games include everything you need for a date night in, full of fun couple's gameplay!


Two-player board games: Board games are always a great option when it comes to spending quality time with your partner. Board games are typically more complex and strategic compared to simpler card games. There are many unique two-player board game options available that can be enjoyed by both partners. 


Two-player card games (specialty): Card games can be an enjoyable way for couples to spend time together. Specialty two-player card games are quick, easy to learn, and full of twists and surprises.


Two-player card games (classic): As opposed to specialty card games, you can always choose more generic or classic card games to play together as well. While they may not be as unique, they are classic, evergreen options to pass the time.


Couples Games That Require No Items: If you don't have any items on hand or don't want to purchase anything special, there are still plenty of fun activities you can do as a couple without any items required! 


Co-Op Video Games For Couples: Video gaming is becoming increasingly popular among couples these days as more and more people own consoles or computers capable of playing them. There are many video game options available specifically designed for two players so that both partners can enjoy them together!


Apps For Couples: Mobile apps have become increasingly popular over the years as they offer an easy way for people to stay connected while apart. These apps typically use gamification or rewards to incentivize connection or to make everyday tasks more fun. There are now many apps specifically designed with couples in mind so they can play together even if they aren't in the same room!


What Makes A Great Couples Game?

When it comes to choosing the perfect game for your relationship, it is important to consider what makes a great couple's game before making your decision. A good couple's game should be easy enough for both partners to understand but challenging enough that it doesn't get boring quickly.

It should also encourage communication between partners and allow them both equal opportunities at winning or succeeding in whatever task is being completed during gameplay. Finally, it should also be fun! Laughter is the best way to build intimacy in your relationship, so when choosing a game, focus on fun!


Date Night Games for Couples

happily everest after board game for couples

Crated with Love Date Night Games

Crated with love creates date night games and kits that come with everything you need for a themed date night in. Each box includes a series of activities that focus on fun, laughter, and connection and also include unique dinner recipes and playlists for a more immersive experience.


The Mix It Up Date Night Generator

Having trouble coming up with ideas for a dinner and a movie night in? The Mix It Up Date Night Generator comes with over 100,000 different challenge combinations you and your partner can complete together. You'll never need help coming up with another idea!


Out On The Town Scratch Off Date Night Card Deck

The OOTT Scratch Off card deck comes with 52 unique date night challenges for you and your partner. Each idea is simple plan and takes $30 or less to complete. It makes the perfect gift for your partner or a couple you love.


spin the bottle card game for couples

SPIN! - A Spin the Bottle Game for Couples

This "spin" on the classic game, SPIN! offers a fun, light-hearted, and slightly intimate game for couples looking to laugh and connect. This game comes with 150 prompt cards and a glass bottle for spinning.


141 Outrageous Conversation Starters for Couples

If you are looking for something to help bring more fun conversations to date night, look no further than this deck of topics. Gone are the days of boring, old conversation starters. This deck comes with 141 off-the-wall topics to help spark some memorable conversations.


10 Two-Player Board Game Options For Couples


This classic strategy board game has been around since 1995 and continues its popularity today due to its simple yet engaging gameplay mechanics, which require players to build settlements on an island using resources such as wood, brick, and wheat while trading with other players in order gain victory points needed win the game!  


Ticket To Ride

This award-winning, train-themed board game requires players to collect cards representing various railway routes across North America. They must then connect cities on their map before their opponents do so first!  




This tile-laying strategy board game requires players to build up their own medieval landscape by placing tiles featuring roads, cities, and fields onto their personal boards while trying to score points by completing certain objectives, such as building cities or connecting roads!  


pandemic board game


In this cooperative strategy board game, each player takes on the role of one of four specialists tasked with saving humanity from four deadly diseases spreading across the world before time runs out!  


7 Wonders Duel game

7 Wonders Duel

This classic civilization-building game requires each player to construct their own ancient city using cards representing various structures such as monuments or military units while competing against their opponent to build the most powerful city possible within three ages (eras)!  


Love Letter

This quick-paced deduction game requires each player to attempt to guess the identity of another player's secret love letter hidden inside an envelope using only limited information provided by other cards played during the round. Whoever guesses correctly wins the round, but beware, false accusations could cost you dearly too!  



In this gem-collecting strategy board game, each player takes the role of a wealthy Renaissance merchant attempting to acquire the most valuable gems possible in order to become the wealthiest merchant town. However, your competition will try to stop you every step of the way.  


Forbidden Island

In this cooperative adventure board game, each player takes the role of one of four adventurers attempting to recover four sacred treasures from a sinking island before the entire island sinks beneath waves forever. And if that weren't enough, treacherous waters may make escape difficult.



In this word association party game, you and your partner must guess words associated with given clues without giving away identities.



In Patchwork, two players compete to create the best, most aesthetically pleasing quilt by laying down, you guessed it, patches.


10 Classic Two-player Card Games For Couples


Go Fish

This classic card game is perfect for two players and requires only a standard deck of cards. The goal is to collect as many sets of four cards as possible by asking your partner if they have a certain card in their hand. 



War is another classic two-player card game that requires only one standard deck of cards. Each player flips over the top card from their pile, and the player with the higher value wins both cards and adds them to their pile. 


Crazy Eights

Crazy Eights is a fast-paced game that requires players to match either the number or suit of the previous card played in order to get rid of all their cards first. 



Spades is a trick-taking game where each player bids on how many tricks they think they can take during each round before any cards are played out on the table. 



Rummy is another popular two-player card game where players try to create sets or runs (three or more consecutive numbers) by drawing and discarding cards from their hands until one player has no more cards left in their hand at the end of each round. 



Hearts is a trick-taking game where players try to avoid collecting hearts (the highest-scoring suit) while trying to collect as many points as possible by winning tricks throughout each round. 



Solitaire may be traditionally thought of as a single-person activity, but it can easily be adapted into an enjoyable two-person version! Players take turns playing out moves until one person has cleared all their pieces off the board first. 



Bridge is an incredibly complex but rewarding two-person card game that involves bidding on how many tricks you think you can take during each round before any cards are played out on the table.



Uno is another popular family favorite that can easily be adapted into an enjoyable two-person version! Players must match either color or number with every turn in order to get rid of all their cards first.



Speed is an incredibly fast-paced matching game where both players race against each other in order to get rid of all their cards first!  


10 Games For Couples That Require No Items 



The game of Charades requires no items but provides hours upon hours worth of entertainment! One partner acts out clues while the other tries to guess what it could be without speaking any words.


20 Questions

20 Questions allows partners to test each other's knowledge by asking up to 20 yes/no questions about anything they want!


I Spy

In I Spy, partners take turns guessing what object around them was chosen by the other partner without giving away too much information about it!


Rock Paper Scissors

Rock Paper Scissors may seem like child's play, but it can actually provide quite a bit of entertainment when playing against your significant other - especially if you can customize gameplay! For example, write a list of challenges or questions. Whoever loses the round must complete one of the items on the list.


Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare provides endless possibilities when it comes down to testing your relationship boundaries with your partner. The great thing about Truth or Dare is that you can increase difficulty or intimacy or make the game more engaging and spicy!


Would You Rather...

Would You Rather... allows partners to ask interesting questions about hypothetical situations, which often leads to interesting conversations!



Categories requires partners to come up with objects within certain categories, such as animals, food, movies, etc., which often leads to hilarious conversation starters!


Name That Tune

In Name That Tune, partners test each other's music knowledge by playing snippets of songs and having them guess what song it could be!


The Storytelling Game

The Storytelling Game has partners tell stories back and forth using only three words at a time, which often leads to creative stories being told between them! It requires strong communication, listening, and teamwork skills.


The Drawing Game

The Drawing Game allows partners to draw pictures based on prompts given by one another, which often may lead to some "amazing" artistic interpretations.


10 Video Game Options For Couples 


Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe offers split-screen racing action perfect for couples who love competing against one another!



Overcooked gives players a cooperative cooking action perfect for couples who love working together towards common goals!


Rocket League

In Rocket League, players play an extreme version of soccer, perfect for competitive couples who love going head-to-head against one another! 


Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley offers relaxing farming simulation for those who prefer slower-paced gaming experiences together.



Minecraft offers open-world exploration for creative and adventurous couples who prefer exploring virtual worlds together.


Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Super Smash Bros Ultimate offers intensely fun fighting interaction with lovable characters - sounds like a blast!


Animal Crossing New Horizons

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, you and your partner will experience peaceful island life while you create a personal touch to a deserted island.


Jackbox Party Pack Series

The Jackbox Party Pack offers a series of party-style mini-games perfect for those looking for quick pick-up play sessions.


Keep Talking, and Nobody Explodes

Keep Talking, and Nobody Explodes includes cooperative puzzle-solving actions you can complete with your significant other.


A Way Out

A Way Out offers a unique co-op, story-driven experience designed to test your teamwork skills as strangers who must work together to escape a prison.


10 Apps For Couples 


Between Us

Between Us provides a private messaging platform allowing couples to share photos, videos, and messages securely within the app.


Love Nudge

The "Personal Assistant for Your Relationship" Love Nudge is a fun, habit-building app that helps you deeply express your love for your partner. The app was developed by Dr. Gary Chapman, creator of The 5 Love Languages.



Kindu provides interactive activities to help couples explore new date ideas and intimate fantasies.



The Desire App is built to gamify your relationship with daily tasks, challenges, and dares you can send your partner.



Tandem helps couples share and manage expenses, leaving spreadsheets and Venmo in the dust.


We-Vibe App

The We-Vibe App helps control compatible WeVibe products remotely while helping to increase sensual intimacy between you and your partner.



Lasting helps make couples counseling simple by helping build happier relationships in just a few minutes per day.



Paired guides you and your partner through daily questions and challenges to help improve communication and intimacy.



Honeydue is an app that helps couples manage their finances in the simplest way together.



Games are a great way to bring couples closer together while also providing an opportunity to have some friendly competition.

Whether you and your partner love board games, card games, or the occasional video game session, there are an infinite amount of options to help you and your partner laugh and play more!

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