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Is a Date Night in a Box Worth It?

There seems to be a subscription box for everything these days. From socks and makeup, to boxes containing succulents or beef jerky, you can find the perfect box for almost any interest.

So, it's no surprise that there's a subscription box for something that you should be doing at least once a month: date night. We'll answer whether a date night in a box is worth it for you in this article!

Before we get into whether it's worth it or not, let's answer a few questions.

What exactly IS a date night in a box?

A date night in a box is as simple as it sounds: A date night for you and your partner that arrives in a box, usually with everything included.

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What comes in a date night in a box?

Date night boxes are usually based around a theme, such as painting pictures together or making s'mores, and include most things that you will need to complete the date night.

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How does a date night in a box work?

The concept is very simple. For most date boxes, you sign up, choose between a couple of options, and then get a brand new date night delivered at around the same time of every month.

Now, the real question...

Is a date night in a box worth it?

The answer to this question depends heavily on how much you value convenience and reducing stress. Date night boxes are not meant to be a physical value product, where the "claimed value" of the box is much higher than the price.

A date night in a box provides a pre-planned, no stress, no prep required night where you and your partner can relax, spend quality time together, and grow closer together.

If you would happily pay to have a date night planned out for you, then yes! A date night in a box is worth it!

Date night box vs planning your own date night

A date night in a box offers a very easy, seamless date night experience where you just open the box and follow the instructions to start having a great date night.

On the other hand, planning your own date night allows for a much more personal date since you both know each other and can tailor the date to fit your preferences better.

However, the big problem with planning your own date nights is that date night tends to be put on the backburner because life just gets in the way. You have work, the kids, endless chores and to-do lists. You just get tired. The last thing on your mind is planning out a great date night, finding a babysitter, finding time, and making it happen.

This is where a date box shines. Planning? Forget about it. Just wait for your box to arrive and open it up. Don't feel like dressing up? Throw on your pajamas and do the date night box in bed! Finding a babysitter? Just put on a movie for the kids in the other room!

Crated with Love vs the others

Here at Crated with Love, we pride ourselves in being the most unique and highest rated date night box in the market. With boxes themed after outer space exploration, exploring Ancient Greece, surviving a horde of zombies, and more, we can practically guarantee you haven't had a date night like this before.

Most of our competitors offer more general date nights, such as making s'mores or having a picnic. If you prefer a safer bet, those are probably the boxes for you.

If you prefer a deeper, story-driven date night with activities that specifically focus on bringing you closer, inspiring laughter, and growing your connection, then Crated with Love is the right one for you.

Have you decided?

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