What Comes in a Date Box?

What Comes in a Date Box?

Getting ready to sign up for one of our date night boxes? We are so excited! We make having your nextt date night in fun, exciting, and full of adventure!

At the same time, are you a little nervous about what comes in a date box? We totally get that! We want your first date night with us to be special, so we created this outline to help show you what to expect in each box while keeping the spontaneity and surprise alive!

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Date night themes

When you first receive your Crated with Love datebox, you’ll notice the theme. Each one of our dates includes a different theme that is meant to boost fun, laughter, and creativity, all ingredients to help you get connected to your partner.

One month may have you both racing through the jungle, the next might have you trapped on a deserted island. You may be stuck in a zombie apocalypse, trying to find an antidote in March, while walking through the streets of Sydney, Australia in April.

Each theme for your date night in is meant to create an atmosphere where you and your partner can escape with each other, have fun, and build intimacy. Yes, some months may be a little off-the-wall and goofy, but that is by design. We want to break the ice so you and your partner can create a moment each month that will last forever!

Relationship focus

Every date box that we ship out also focuses on strengthening a specific part of your relationship. One month may focus on communication while the next might focus on teamwork and trust.

Our games and activities are created in-house by relationship experts (one of our founders is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist) to help date night not only be fun, but also enriching.

At Crated with Love, our goal is to provide you with content that can help build a strong, lasting relationship while sharing a few laughs along the way!

Games and activities

Your date night would not be complete without a little competition! Each theme includes at least four date night games or activities that focus on inspiring fun, strengthening your relationship, and promoting intimacy.

We hand-craft each game in-house to make sure that every month is a brand-new experience. No two Crated with Love date box themes are the same! We also try to build each activity to maximize the amount of interaction between you and your partner. Some of our date night “challenges” will require you and your significant other to work together to complete while others will have you competing against each other!

Date night items

We make it a priority to ensure that everything you need for your date night is included in your box. With each datebox we ship, you will receive all the physical items you’ll need to complete your challenges together. The last thing we want is for you to realize that you don’t have an item or that you need to go to the store to pick something up. What a mood killer!

We also try to be creative with the items we include and when we can, we try and provide ways to reuse those items for future date night activities! We want to give you as many ideas as possible!

Another thing that is really important to us is making sure that every couple can enjoy our dateboxes. So, our dates do not include food. We want to make sure we respect our couples’ dietary restrictions. Plus, food items would be too easy, we like a challenge!

Lastly, each theme comes with its own date night badge to collect. Think of it as a tiny little trophy for completing your date night! These badges are magnetic and can be placed on your fridge to collect. They are a fun little memento to remember your Crated with Love date night journey by!

Bonus date night content

All new Crated with Love date night box subscriptions come with our exclusive bonus content! Each month, we release exclusive bonus content that includes extra date night games and challenges, relationship tips, date night dessert recipes, family date night ideas, and even a Spotify playlist for each theme! All our bonus content can be viewed digitally through your account. We make it super easy!

How we come up with our themes

We have a lot of people ask us, “How do you come up with new ideas EVERY month?”

Well, we love what we do! We have an outstanding and creative team that has an incredible knack for coming up with fun, unique, and engaging date night ideas. Our goal is to do all the work for you. We come up with the themes, create and design all the games, package them up nicely in a super cute box, and deliver them right to you! All you need to do is enjoy that time with your significant other!

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