What Is A Date Box?

What Is A Date Box?

What is a date box?

A date box, or datebox, is a term used to describe a box containing a number of items and activities intended to create a complete date night for a couple, usually at home. These boxes are typically shipped monthly with a different theme each month.


Benefits of a Date Box

There is a plethora of benefits one can enjoy from a date box. These creative kits don't just add a novel touch to your date nights but also nurture the bond between couples, leading to increased understanding and intimacy.

Importance of a Regular Date Night: An intriguing piece of research reveals that couples who indulge in at least one date night per week are 3.5 times more likely to describe their marriage as "very happy." This is compared to couples that didn't have a designated date night. Thus, date nights aren't merely a luxury but a necessity to sustain and enhance a relationship's happiness and contentment quotient.

Reducing Stress: A successful date night requires a significant amount of planning - selecting suitable activities, finalizing a location, working out a budget, and in case you have children, finding a reliable babysitter. It's not surprising to see the excitement of a date night diminish under the weight of these stresses. This is where the date box acts as a savior, delivering a well-planned, unique, and entertaining date night to your doorstep, eliminating the planning and coordination woes.

Embrace Convenience: A date box subscription is as simple as it gets. All you need to do is sign up, and like clockwork, your unique date night experience arrives at your doorstep each month. Irrespective of life's ups and downs, you can trust your date box to deliver a much-needed respite and a bundle of joy.


Why Should You Choose 'Crated with Love'?

At Crated with Love, we are on a mission to reinvent date nights, turning them into memorable experiences filled with laughter, connection, and personal growth. Every month, we carefully curate a date box encompassing a fresh theme. Our boxes combine 4 – 6 engaging games and activities that foster connection and shared enjoyment. As you navigate these activities, you'll find yourselves re-experiencing the joy and laughter reminiscent of your early dating years!

The beauty of our service is the element of surprise and diversity. Every month brings a unique adventure; one moment, you could be fending off a zombie apocalypse, and the next, you might be riding off into the sunset in the wild west! Every date box we curate is a new adventure, a new experience that brings you and your partner closer than ever before.

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How to Begin Your Date Box Journey

Eager to start receiving your date boxes? To start basking in the thrill of a unique date box delivered to your doorstep every month, all you need to do is join our Crated with Love family. Whether you're new lovebirds or a couple together for decades, our date boxes can add the spark that strengthens your bond. We promise to deliver a little box of magic that will transform your ordinary evenings into extraordinary memories.

Take the leap, subscribe to Crated with Love today, and let us play cupid by delivering romance, laughter, and growth in a box. Experience a renaissance of your love story, one date box at a time!

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