6 Fun Anniversary Date Ideas

6 Fun Anniversary Date Ideas

You've been in a relationship with your significant other for a while and feel you've gone everywhere and tried everything. Your anniversary is approaching fast, but you're encountering a slight problem. You cannot think of something you haven't done, a place you haven't already visited. You've entirely run out of ideas about what to do on the day/night of your anniversary. Well, I hate to be the one to burst your bubble, but although you think there's absolutely nothing new and exciting for you two love birds to do, there most certainly is! A couple of fun anniversary date ideas are coming your way. Yours is just to put them to good use and prepare for some memorable time!

Reignite the Sparks With These 6 Fun Anniversary Date Ideas

When planning a perfect date, one should think outside the box. According to research, unique dates are impossible to forget and may strengthen the bond between partners, regardless of how long they've been together. Those in long-term relationships should especially focus on organizing a memorable date night, as it will help them reignite those sparks that were at their peak at the beginning of the relationship. With that said, we bring you no less than six exciting date ideas to try this coming anniversary.

#1 Organize a Game Night

Your date night might just as well double as game night. Now, if you are a fan of board games, you might have already played quite a few of these together. But we bet you haven't played them all! Take some time to select a new board game or, at the very least, learn the rules of a new card game. To bring it up a notch, you can bet amongst yourselves. The loser gets to do what the winner asks - no questions asked! May the flirty competition begin!

#2 Get Cooking

Tired of the same old, same old? If so, taking a cooking class might be something that neither you nor your significant other have done. Or actually, you haven't done it together. Even if you aren't that into cooking, this can be a fun experience.

Attending such a class will, without a doubt, be a great time to bond, but it will also help you learn something. For instance, having been in a relationship for a while, we are sure there's quite a fair amount of trust between you two. That doesn't mean that trust has reached its peak and can't be further improved. A cooking class may teach you how to trust each other more, or to put it better, trust each other on another level. It will teach you how to work as a team. And isn't being a great team and functioning as one what love and relationships should be all about?

#3 Plan a Getaway

Who said you have to stay put on your anniversary? We encourage you two to not only go out for a date on this fine occasion but to take a trip someplace you won't forget! Anniversaries call for a getaway. Think about the places you haven't yet visited and determine which one tickles your fancy. Once you've decided on the destination, book accommodation, or be spontaneous and book a hotel on the way.

In case the road takes you to Miami, for instance, remember that there are plenty of things to do around the city. You'll have multiple opportunities to try something new here, or rather, partake in activities you've never taken part in before! Some of those one-of-a-kind activities include strawberry picking at the wonderful Knaus Berry Farm, kayaking at Oleta River State Park, or visiting Superblue Miami for an innovative art experience.

#4 Do Something That Involves Art

Now that we have touched upon art, it's time we talked about what you and your partner can do on your date night that involves it. You could certainly pay a visit to a museum, gallery, or theater. But you might have done that already, and isn't the point of fun anniversary date ideas to be a bit less common? A better idea would be to do something artsy - create something unique together. Not sure what that ''something'' can be? Well, you can always look around the internet for some DIY crafts projects. Worried about the fact that you have zero talent? Who cares? You are primarily supposed to enjoy spending some quality time together. But, if you really are looking to improve your creative skills, you can also consider attending a joint art class.

#5 Recreate Your First Date

First dates have the reputation of being either ideal or an absolute nightmare. However, since you two are still together, let's assume the first date was a success. But even if it wasn't, it could be interesting to go back to the very beginning of your relationship and remind yourself of how your story began. Depending on how long ago you had your first date, it may not be the easiest to remember all the details. Either way, try to remember as much as you can so that you can recreate the events. Go to the same place or venue. You can also talk about the same things that you talked about then. Wear similar clothes, if possible, as well.

In case the initial date didn't go as planned the first time, here's your chance to fix it, as you'll get to have one all over again! And what you'll also get in the process is plenty of laughs.

#6 Get Your Adrenaline Pumping

Your anniversary could be the perfect opportunity to cross something off your bucket list finally. For example, let's say you've always wanted to go skydiving or bungee jumping but have never done it. Well, what better time to do it than now that you have your partner beside you to hold your hand if you are scared?

Additional Fun Anniversary Date Ideas

Despite us mentioning only six of them, fun anniversary date ideas don't end here! You and your loved one could do hundreds of other things to commemorate your time together. Honorable mentions go to stargazing, playing with puppies, going on a brewery tour or a cruise, and volunteering together. But, if we are being completely honest, it doesn't even matter what you do as it isn't the activities that will make your anniversary special. What makes this day extraordinary is the person you are spending it with.

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