The Ultimate Date Night Bucket List

The Ultimate Date Night Bucket List

Date night is important. We all know it. However, it can be difficult sometimes to plan something fun and engaging, which often leads us to plan simple, unenthusiastic date nights. Or even worse, no date nights at all.

But what if you could come up with the greatest list of date nights for you and your significant other? We're talking about the kinds of moments that you will cherish and hold on to forever! Well, keep reading, because we've already done that for you!

The Purpose of Date Night

Date night has one important objective - to help you and your partner strengthen your bond by creating a moment for you to connect. If you aren't connecting emotionally on some level, then chances are, it's not a good date night.

So with that in mind, it's important to find ideas that foster that objective. It's not always easy, but taking the time to plan and create a highly engaged date night is well worth the energy.

Why is date night so hard to plan?

Sometimes it can be hard to plan a truly interactive date night because, well, we just don't have the time or energy. And it makes sense. After a long week of working, caring for the kids, running errands, and managing our own mental health, the last thing we want to do is spend an entirety planning a date night. This is why you typically see the same ideas pop up: dinner and a movie, mini-golf, Netflix on the couch. These ideas are easy, but they often lack that engagement you and your partner may be looking for, especially if you've done them more than once.

So every once in a while, it makes sense to plan a more epic date night thoughtfully. One that really gets the heart pumping and really promotes, what we call, discovery (or the act of learning something new with or about your partner).

To celebrate this concept, we've come up with what we think is the ultimate date night bucket list for you and your loved one. Although they may need a little extra work planning or saving up, all ideas are relatively easy to accomplish.

How did we choose our list of date night ideas?

We know what you're thinking, "the ultimate bucket list, eh? Sounds like a lot of hoopla."

Okay, we know it sounds a little presumptuous that we claim that we have the "ultimate" list. But hear us out.

Each one of our ideas is specifically chosen. On our list, you'll find date nights that will not only challenge each of you to step outside your comfort zone, but they are all also highly conducive to growth and that discovery we talked about earlier. At the end of the day, the best date nights help create memories you'll share forever while helping you grow together. And we think our list is pretty great for that. So, what are we waiting for? Let's get this list moving!

#1. Explore Your City

Most of us go through our day not truly know what's around us. Just within your city limits, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of new date night ideas waiting to be discovered. So spending a day or night exploring things around you can be a great way to create memories and develop ideas for future dates.

You can also create your date night challenges. Here are a few:

Who has the best cupcake?

Visit four to five local bakeries and share a cupcake with your partner. Together, decide which bakery in town has the absolute best cupcake.

What a view!

Go on a photo scavenger hunt together and find the one spot in town with the absolute best view!

Give me the usual!

Do you and your partner have your own "spot"? Find a new restaurant neither of you have been to and create your own "usual." Get to know the staff and make it your new favorite.

#2. Go on a Second First Date

Remember your first date? The butterflies, the anxiety, the excitement! With your partner, recreate your first date as specifically as you can. Go to the same (or comparable) restaurant, try and find the same outfit, and everything!

To spice things up, show up separately and pretend like you don't know each other. Ask your partner questions as if this was the first time meeting them. You may just learn something new!

#3. Visit a New Country - From Your Couch

We know planning a vacation to another country can take a lot of time, money, and resources, and although it may lead to some once-in-a-lifetime memories, it isn't always feasible.

However, what if we said that you could have a similar experience right from the comfort of your own couch?

On a piece of scratch paper, have you and your partner each write five to ten countries you'd want to visit. Together, whittle it down to just one (or if you have one in common, choose that one).

Start your date night by ordering takeout from a local restaurant that offers dishes from that country. As you eat, plan a dream vacation to that country using the following prompt:

If you had $5,000 and one free week off, how would you spend your time in that country, and what would you visit?

Try and be as specific as you can be, down to the restaurants you'd eat at, the hotels you'd stay in, and the attractions you'd see.

This idea is great because you are not only planning a vacation (which you may go on in the future), it's allowing you to learn more about a place you've never been to and see what sorts of things your partner would be interested in as well.

#4. Learn a New Hobby Together

What's something you and your partner have always wanted to learn together? Do you both want to become better chefs? Do you want to learn how to shred on the guitar? Do you want to learn the ancient art of goat yoga?

Whatever it is, find a new hobby with your partner to become an expert at. You can use YouTube to find how-to videos, you can see if there is a local class you can take, or, better yet, just learn on the fly together!

Not only will this provide hours and hours of future date nights, but it will also help you and your partner grow closer together by learning something new together. You'll each be there to support, coach, and inspire one another to become awesome at that new skill!

#5. Do Something "Extreme" - Like Skydiving

We all have that one thing we want to do that is just totally out there (and a little dangerous), like swimming with sharks or skydiving from 10,000 feet. Well, now may be the time to add it your list of date night ideas!

Besides sharing a once-in-a-lifetime experience with your partner, your adrenaline will be pumping through the roof as you complete this event together.

Along with the memories, you and your partner will have the opportunity to do something that requires an extreme amount of trust, some for the guides with you and for each other.

So, what is something extreme you and your partner can do together?

#6. Take a Spontaneous Day Trip Out of Town

Here's a little challenge for you both. First, think of a number between 200 and 500. Once you have that number, open up Google Maps and search for a nearby city exactly that many miles away from your home.

Then, plan a road trip together to that city and spend a day exploring someplace new.

Sometimes, the best ingredient for date night is spontaneity. Not knowing what you're doing and not having an exact plan can often open up opportunities for unique experiences with each other.

#7. Complete a DIY Project

In today's social media world of life hacks and DIY tutorials, there are millions of things you and your partner can build together, all right at the tips of your fingers.

First, think of something you want to build together that you can display around the house. It could be a work of art, a coffee table, or even something like a custom castle for the little one.

Whatever it is, plan out your creation and figure out the best way to turn your dream into reality! The more intriguing idea, the better!

Over the next few weeks or months, spend an hour or two a night crafting your masterpiece. Turn on some tunes, break out the tutorial vids, and get to work.

Much like your relationship, you'll need to work together, and each tiny detail greatly affects the final outcome. With this activity, you'll be working together, communicating, and supporting one another until the end. And when it's complete, you'll have a masterpiece waiting for you!

#8. Plan an All-Night Movie Night

When was the last time you and your partner pulled an all-nighter? We're talking about watching the sunset and then watching the sunrise all in one date night!

Plan an all-night movie night with your partner consisting of six movies. To help you pick your movies, we've added some prompts below.

  1. I have you each pick three movies that are most memorable from your childhood.
  2. Pick six movies neither of you has seen before.
  3. Choose a word (any word) and pick six movies whose titles contain that word.
  4. Pick an actor you think looks like your partner, then find three movies each that star that actor.
  5. Find six movies that were originally released during the year you started dating.
  6. Find six of the worst-rated movies ever and see if you can make it through all six.

Movie nights are always a go-to date night idea for many couples, so to spice things up, add a few twists! This idea is great because it creates a new twist on a classic date night.

The most memorable dates are those that are unique and against the norm. Whenever you're stumped for date night, take an idea you have done in the past and find some ways to add some twists!

#9. Visit a National Park

With your partner, find the closest National Park neither of you has been to. Plan a day (or weekend) trip to the park and spend some time out in nature.

Life can get chaotic and stressful, and many times, that stress can weigh down your relationship. When that happens, it's good to 'reset' with each other and get away.

Visiting a national park together can be a great way to reset while enjoying something so much bigger. The natural beauty can be so romantic and can lead to some amazingly memorable moments for you both to share.

#10. Do Something Weird (and Out of Your Comfort Zone)

The last one, and our favorite one, is a little vague on purpose. Find something goofy, weird, and out of your comfort zone to do with your partner. It may be something like taking an improv class together, painting giant portraits of each other, or even getting matching lobster costumes and going for a jog downtown. The weirder and wackier, the better!

At Crated with Love, we believe that laughter can be the most important ingredient for date night because it allows you both to connect on a much deeper level. There is just something about sharing a few laughs with the person you love most!

No matter what you decide to do, always try and find ways to laugh with each other. The joy and intimacy you can create from moments like these can last a lifetime!

There you have it! To recap, here is the ultimate date night bucket list for any couple:

  1. Explore Your City
  2. Go on a Second First Date
  3. Visit a New Country - From Your Couch
  4. Learn a New Hobby Together
  5. Do Something "Extreme" - Like Skydiving
  6. Take a Spontaneous Day Trip Out of Town
  7. Complete a DIY Project
  8. Plan an All-Night Movie Night
  9. Visit a National Park
  10. Do Something Weird (and Out of Your Comfort Zone)

How to Create Your Own Date Night Bucket List

Ready to create your own list of dream date nights? Find an hour or two to yourselves. Put on a romantic playlist and light a few candles. Break out some snacks, something to drink, and make a mini dinner date out of it.

You'll need a piece of paper to take notes and a computer or phone with internet access.

Now that the mood is set, here's what to do:

First, take your piece of paper and fold it into three sections. At the top, write "Bronze," "Silver," and "Gold," each in their own section.

In the "Bronze" section, brainstorm some ideas to go on your bucket list that you would define as easy. These are things that you could probably do any weekend together and would only take a little bit of planning. Things like going to watch a baseball game, eating at a certain restaurant, or seeing a local attraction for the first time. Write down as many as you can.

In the "Silver" section, brainstorm some ideas that are a little harder. These things would probably take a couple of months to plan or save up for. Things like going to Disneyland, spending a weekend at a certain beach, or taking a road trip to a nearby state.

In the "Gold" section, brainstorm some things that you'd categorize as "once in a lifetime." These things would take a significant amount of money and time to plan and are things you could probably only do once. These things also may be a bunch of little things added up. Maybe something like taking a trip to Paris, seeing at least 15 different national parks, or visiting each state. Maybe even spending a week watching the Northern Lights.

A couple of things to keep in mind. Make sure you are picking things you both would find interesting or want to accomplish together. And make sure they are things that can actually be done. Yes, we are sure many people want to travel to Mars or find the lost city of Atlantis, but how realistic is that really (for now anyway)?

Take an hour or so to fill up the page. Take your time and use the computer to research some of your options. Once you have a full-page, flip the piece of paper over and write "Diamond" at the top. Looking at all the things you listed in "Gold," what is the absolute one thing you just HAVE to do together at some point? Write that one thing in the "Diamond" section.

Then, take a new piece of paper (you can create a document on your computer or phone) and whittle your list down to 10 "Bronze" items, 6 "Silver" items, 3 "Gold" items, and your 1 "Diamond" item. This can be hard, and you may feel the urge to keep everything, but be strong! Instead of having 100 things you could do, commit to 20 things you will do!

Once your list is officially polished and put together, take a look at it. What one thing is the closest to getting crossed off? Well, why don't we just take care of that one with the next idea!

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