The 11 Best Card Games for Couples in 2022

Finding the perfect card game for couples can be difficult. You want to find something unique and fun while also built to help you and your partner grow closer together.

Below is our list of 2 player card games for couples (which may also include additional activities), perfect for your next date night in!

#1 Mix It Up Date Night Generator

Need a date night idea? This Mix It Up date night idea generator spices up boring dinner and movie nights by challenging you and your partner to complete off-the-wall challenges!

It includes 100,000 different combinations, so there will be no running out of ideas!

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#2 141 Outrageous Conversation Starters for Couples

Are you tired of the same boring conversation starters? The 141 Outrageous Conversation Starters series asks crazy questions you probably have never thought about!

The idea is that the outrageous questions spark a unique and deeper conversation that leads to connection and intimacy (plus a lot of laughter).

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#3 The Retro Game Show Date Night

This date night game for couples includes a series of card games that are based on - you guessed it - game shows!

If you and your partner think you'd be winning contestants on a game show, this is the card game for you!

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#4 The Step Right Up Game Night for Two

Love carnival games? Love the boardwalk? Then you'll love this date night game! The Step Right Up box includes card games and activities designed around classic carnival games while adding an intimate twist to help spark some romance.

It even includes your very own kissing booth game!

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#5 Seas the Day Date Night Adventure

Have you ever wanted to discover a lost city at the bottom of an ocean? Well, this couples game has you and your partner exploring the deep during date night!

This date night box includes a "Go Fish" inspired card game with a little romantic twist!

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#6 I Love You More than Pizza Date Night

Nothing goes better with date night than pizza - and this game proves it! The I Love You More than Pizza date night box includes various pizza-themed card games for couples.

This box even includes a game played with those little white tables in the pizza box! What are those things called?

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#7 Our Ancient Odyssey Date Night Game

If you and your partner are history buffs, you'll love this Classical Greece-inspired game night for two.

There is a little bit for everyone in the Our Ancient Odyssey date night with games including ancient mythology, sculpting, and romance.

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#8 Hygge for Two - A Cozy Date Night In

If you are looking for a calmer, more relaxed romantic card game for couples, check out the Hygge for Two game.

The box includes games focused on appreciation and comfort that are sure to help you and your partner grow closer together.

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#9 Destination: Space - An Intergalactic Date Night

Explore the final frontier on this space-themed date night. It includes a ton of fantastic keepsake items as well as games that focus on communication and trust.

The best couples card game in this box requires you and your partner to work together to operate the control panel of your spaceship!

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#10 Perfect Harmony - A Box that Rocks

This one goes out to all those music lovers out there! The Perfect Harmony game tests you and your partner's knowledge of music artists while also testing your rhythm!

In addition, this box includes a music-inspired card game focusing on communication by having you describe famous songs in a slightly crazy way.

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#11 The Summer of Love Game

Ready to get far out? The Summer of Love box includes games inspired by the 60s - including your very own tie dye-making kit!

This game includes multiple couples card games sure to make you and your partner, like totally, laugh!

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