How to Show your Partner you Care about Them

How to Show your Partner you Care about Them

When you have been in a relationship for a while, it is easy to forget to plan the thoughtful gestures and romantic date nights like you did when you first started dating. Once your relationship becomes more familiar, is necessary to continue to let the one you love know just how much they mean to you. Here are our top five ideas on how to show your partner you care about them!

Be Quick to Apologize, Even When you Don't Want to

While this one seems simple, it's important for couples to remain aware of themselves enough, and forget their pride when it can cause unnecessary arguments. Instead of not doing the dishes for your partner when expected and getting in an argument over having not done them, choose to apologize and get scrubbing instead. It's little acts of love that will help you both grow closer together over time.

Never Forget to Stop Dating Them

While the days of romantic candlelit dinners may be fewer and farther between than in your dating years, this does not mean that you should postpone date night all together. Time together can look like a trip to your favorite coffee shop, or completing a date night in a box at home. Don't be afraid to get creative and definitely don't skimp on making new memories! 

Put Your Phone Away

This is huge for some relationship brownie points. If you place your phone on airplane mode for the first hour you both get home from work, and dedicate that time for authentically engaging with your partner about their day, we guarantee you will feel the love. Most people cannot leave their homes without their cell phone attached at the hip. If you dedicate time away from your phone, to spend wonderful face to face time with your partner, you may find that there are parts of your relationship that could improve during these times of communication.

Stay Thoughtful and Aware of Their Needs

Has the day-to-day been extra difficult on your partner? Are they struggling to keep up? The wonderful thing about being in a relationship with one another is that you are a helping hand for them. Maybe loving your partner and showing you care about them looks as simple as picking up some extra slack around the house, taking the dog to the groomers, or getting their car washed and filling up their gas tank. Sometimes, when their to do list is just too long, offering help is the best way to show them you care.

Never Stop Flirting with Them

This should go without saying, flirt with your partner! Make them feel wanted, all the time! Even when you don't feel like lighting some candles and setting aside some romantic time, do it! Stat with these small challenges, hold their hand more often, kiss them one more time a day that you usually do, plan to have a make out session just like when you first started dating! Make it fun by getting creative.


Sometimes the simplest of gestures can show your partner that you care. A great rule of thumb, and piece of advice that rings true especially in this situation is to never stop pursuing your partner. Just because you have been together for a while does not mean that loving moments of sacrifice or patience will go unnoticed. 

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