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Danielle Taylor
Fun way to change up date night!

My husband and I started a subscription to crated with love during the pandemic, so fill the hole that quarantining & social distancing had put on our date nights. I'm so glad we did! We really enjoy doing each box. It's exciting each month to see what the theme will be. The games and activities are usually quite fun. We always end up laughing and connecting. I'm actually really impressed with them, and I'm surprised how much variation there is in activities each month. One really nice thing is that you don't really need to have extra things on hand or purchase items to supplement. We also like the Spotify playlists that complement each box. If you're considering trying out crated with love, do it! :)

Date Boxes have been a blast!

We have done 11 date boxes so far and we have loved all but one. The music one is the only one we didn't really enjoy. But, the rest have been full of laughs and excitement. Would definitely recommend these boxes to anyone needing a reconnecting in their relationship. They are also great if you are first getting to know each other.

Samantha Atkinson
Just alright

The boxes have been fun for the most part, if a little cheesy at times (cheesy can be good/fun sometimes). The biggest thing that I think could/should change is being able to choose between a couple choices of box for the month. My boyfriend and I received the Music date-box and neither of us liked it. It would be better if there were options to choose from.

Camille Cashin
Awesome date night!

Great way to spend a night with your love one?

Jody K
We love date night

How fun! It’s almost impossible for us to leave the house for a “real” date (Complex medical twins), but these boxes are better than any overpriced meal :) These boxes are fun, easy to use, and some of the props are hilarious 😆