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Our Story

Tyler and Michelle were at a crossroad in their relationship. Both were finishing up their degrees in college while working to make ends meet. After five years together, the romance seemed to be placed in the background as life got hectic. Michelle (with a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy) and Tyler (a degree in Entrepreneurship) knew they needed to make a change if they wanted their relationship to progress and grow stronger. Recognizing that something needed to be done, they placed more of an emphasis on a monthly “date night”, in order to really connect. It was at that point when they both realized that other couples may have a similar struggle and it was at that moment when Crated with Love was born!

In their first year, Michelle and Tyler personally boxed every box they shipped out of their home, sometimes spending all night packing! In Crated with Love’s first year alone, over 5,500 boxes were shipped to couples all over the country (even Canada and Puerto Rico)!

Today, we have members from all over the country, having shipped boxes to every single US state. We even have members who have been with us since we first started in 2014 (shout out to those Craters)! And it all started with a couple’s desire to grow closer and to share that love with every couple possible.

To this day, Tyler and Michelle handcraft each date and activity and personally do each date together. If Crated with Love can help strengthen their relationship, we know it can help strengthen yours!