How to Enjoy Date Night: A Guide for Parents

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Frustrated mom with kids jumping on bed

A date night between you and your partner with the kids in the house? As crazy as this may sound, it is both possible and simple to have a romantic date night even while the children are at home.

We understand that it is difficult and sometimes unrealistic to schedule in a date with your spouse. Between finding a reliable babysitter, a time that works with your kids’ events and extracurricular activities, just scheduling a date night can cause unnecessary stress. Stress no more! Dating can – and should – be fun, exciting, and stress-free, even for those nights when you may need to get a little creative.

So, how exactly can you have a date night when your children are around? Great question! Here are some fun, creative ways you can date your spouse from the comfort of your home:

Couple enjoying a breakfast date together

Early morning breakfast date

You know what they say: the early bird gets the worm! In this case, the early bird gets to go on a date. If you are a morning person, what better way to start the day than with an early-morning breakfast date? After all, nothing says “good morning, sweetie” like a fresh pot of coffee, eggs, bacon, and fruit.

Sit outside on the patio and enjoy a delicious breakfast, while the kids are still asleep. And hurry, before the smell of bacon has your kids running down the stairs!

Set the kids up with an activity

With the right activity, your kids could be perfectly distracted in the other room for hours. Set your kids up with a TV show or a movie or even a new toy so that you and your spouse can enjoy some quality semi-alone time.

Whether it be cooking dinner together, having homemade appetizers, or just catching up on your day. You’d be surprised how simple it can be to have a nice date night while the kids are still awake!

Babysitter swap!

What if we told you that you could have a date night while helping a friend do the same? Swapping babysitting with a friend is a fantastic way to do that! Tell your friend that you will take her kids this week so that they enjoy a date night. Then have your friend take your kids the next week while you and your spouse enjoy your own romantic evening.

Your kids will have a fun play date, your friends will have a date night, and you and your spouse will have a date night. It’s a win-win-win situation!

Couple having a late night date

After the kids go to sleep

Those who are not naturally morning people may prefer an after-hours date once the children go to bed. If you have young kids, they most likely go to bed early anyways, which means that you and your spouse have the entire night to enjoy alone time.

Pour a glass of wine and have a fun game night. Create your own home movie theater with some popcorn and a romantic movie. You can create your own romantic restaurant dinner experience followed by a date to the movies right from the comfort of your home!

Churches or gyms: the cheaper alternative to babysitters

Ideally, you and your spouse should enjoy regular date nights. But the truth is, babysitting can get pretty expensive. A cheaper alternative to hiring a babysitter is your local church or gym. It turns out that many churches and gyms offer a parents’ night out, where they watch your children for several hours for only $5 or $10 per kid. You and your spouse can enjoy a romantic, inexpensive evening at home or take advantage of an evening out while the kids are well-looked after.

Make Chores Fun

“Chores can be fun” may sound like something you have told your children in a battle for them to clean their room. But it can also be applied to spending quality time with your spouse! If you have a massive to-do list and you are simply too stressed to forget all chores for a date night, bring the date night to the to-do list!

For example, if you need to get the car washed or pick up dry cleaning, go with your spouse and pick up a coffee on the way. Are your kitchen floors in need of cleaning? Turn on some music, do some dancing, and clean it together.

Incorporating chores into a date night every now and then can be both fun and make you feel extremely productive at the same time. Hey, if Mary Poppins can make it look fun, so can you and your spouse!

Couple relaxing on meadow together

A playdate for your kids, a romantic date for you

There’s no better way to enjoy a nice date knowing that your children are having a good time too! If you and your spouse are trying to schedule a nice Saturday afternoon date, why not try to set up a playdate for your kids? Drop your children off at a friend’s house and while they are enjoying a fun playdate, you can enjoy a lovely afternoon with your spouse.

Go for a hike, go shopping, or enjoy a good lunch. The possibilities are endless when you have an entire afternoon to yourselves.

Take the baby monitor with you on the go!

When the children are asleep, either at night or early in the morning, you can even enjoy some outside time. Take the baby monitor with you and go for a morning walk around the block. Or take your cup of coffee outside on the patio and crack a window.

During the evening, you and your spouse can enjoy some dessert and wine outside on the patio with the baby monitor in hand. This is an easy way to enjoy some outside date time while still being attentive to your children.


After learning the various ways to have a date night at home while the kids are around, you may be in shock at just how simple it really can be. Don’t let a lack of a babysitter or a never-ending to-do list keep you and your spouse from enjoying your well-deserved date night.

There are plenty of fun ways that you can have quality time together, even with the kids still in the house. Get creative and see for yourself just how much fun it can be!

Kids got you tight on cash?

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