The Ultimate Guide: How to Keep Your Relationship From Getting Boring During Quarantine

The Ultimate Guide: How to Keep Your Relationship From Getting Boring During Quarantine

You thought that moving in together would be the most difficult thing you’d face, living in the same home with your partner. But it turns out that 2020 proved you wrong! We know that tuning out the other’s Zoom meetings and conference calls have likely become a part of the new normal for most couples. We also know that things can get monotonous in a relationship when you are seeing a lot of your person. That being said, we are here to share our best tips and tricks to keep the flame burning strong during quarantine!

Keep Intimacy at the Forefront

Well, you are trapped TOGETHER… might as well make the most of your time with your person! Stay intentional with pursuing your partner, make this time as romantic as you can!

Even though you may not have changed out of your PJ’s for the last couple of months, you and your partner are so lucky to have been locked away together!

Plan a “Getaway”

Plan a romantic “getaway” in your living room! Do this by decorating the house in candles, creating a next-level blanket fort, or even creating your own specialty quarantine cocktail! Do whatever you both love doing, but make it special! And make sure to plan ahead so you both have enough time to get excited about planning your special quality time!

It might even be fun to plan something special, unlike anything you’ve ever done before from the cozy place you call home!

Romantic dinner table with flowers

Limit Screen Time

This one is so important! If you and your partner are always on your phone during your downtime, there is no opportunity to connect. Even having your phone near you at all times can take away from your relationship. Instead of turning to your social media platforms to decompress after a long day, try opening up a conversation with your partner.

This will help you both grow stronger together, and help you lean on each other during what could be one of the most stressful seasons in your relationship.

Reminisce by Going Through Old Photos

This one is so fun because we all have funny baby photos. You know the ones! If you have already gone through your photos with your significant other, that’s fine! It has likely been a while. Now is a great time to sit down together and make copies of your old family photos to add to your own albums.

For some added fun, if you don’t know the narrative of a photo taken of your partner, make an activity out of creating a new story behind what you think is happening in each of the most embarrassing photos your partner has of themself! Have fun with it! You can make an entire date out of this if you are okay with your cheeks hurting after some light teasing and deep belly laughs.

Couple looking at photobook together

Talk about Relationship Expectations

Relationship expectations are very important, especially during a pandemic. In short – do not expect your partner to be able to read your mind. That will not turn out well for either of you.

TV-13 Vibes

Tap into your childhood roots and really embrace the stay-at-home attitude. Remember when you couldn’t leave the house unless you had a ride? Pre-driver’s permit? That’s what we are talking about!

This idea involves recreating what a Saturday morning used to look like for your both back in your school days! Do this while streaming a favorite throwback cartoon series you used to love!

Air Mail

If you are a paper plane’s throw from the other, during your workday or alone time, send them love notes via “air mail”. Toss notes to your hunny just like you used to pass notes in grade school. And maybe once you both clock off or are ready to share space again, you can have a paper airplane contest. Why not?

If you want to level up the contest, on every plane you create, make sure you write as many things about your partner that make you feel loved as you can!

Woman reading book while drinking coffee

Don’t Be Afraid to Grow

Are there reservations about this year that you have yet to share with your partner but haven’t yet? Maybe now is a good time to schedule a cuddle marathon where you both just talk and spoon each other. Just saying.

Turn off Netflix

This one doesn’t need much explanation. Though television can help keep the house from feeling too quiet, opt for your favorite genres of music instead. This will automatically allow you both the opportunity to chat and connect with the other openly, instead of having your partner pause “The Office” for the third time in a row because you remembered something new to tell them about your day.

Couple watching Netflix on couch

Be Each Other’s Cheerleader

Things are not always rainbows and butterflies, especially in a pandemic. Take your love for your partner to the next level by practicing lifting up and encouraging your partner without a second thought, and frequently. Are they having a terrible day? Make yourself 110% available, and maybe set aside extra time to let them talk through what’s on their mind.

If they are navigating a difficult situation at work, let them know how much you care for them by keeping tabs on the things they take the time to share with you. Lastly, make sure to always follow up with them, be their teammate, and cheer them on so they know they are never alone! We promise that investing in the other in these ways will pay off.

Couple having coffee together on a morning

Establish Space & Boundaries

Maybe you are starting to feel a little bit claustrophobic. If you and your partner are sharing a close space, get this conversation out of the way as quickly as possible. You each need space apart from one another every so often. So claim a corner of the house to escape to if you need it. This is completely normal and healthy for any relationship.

Have a safe word if you need it. Just so your partner knows that whenever you call out “Broccoli!”, or whatever phrase you want to use, that you need some time alone to think, get things done, or just to collect yourself!

Passive aggression in this will never have a good return, so stay patient, and level headed! Stay open with your partner and you two will be feeling closer than ever even while spending time apart!

Woman using her laptop while sitting on the ground

Talk Through your Dreams and Goals – AKA Finances & Budget

Now is the perfect time to sit down, take an inventory of your wants and needs, and start planning out some fun goals to work towards together! Maybe it is time to finally update your budget, or start saving for that future vacation to Costa Rica you two have been dreaming up since you first met!

One widely known fact is that the majority of relationships see difficulty solely due to the topic of money. Don’t let that divide you two during these trying times, instead, use your goals and dreams to draw you closer together!

Couple using their laptop together

Pick a House Project to Complete Together

Obvious, but still on the list. Do that fun improvement project you’ve been putting off for months, maybe even years! Come on! Let’s pull up Pinterest and get cracking! Bonus points if you two dream up, design, and complete the task TOGETHER!

Make it Fancy

You guessed it – it’s time for a hot dinner date, at home! Dress up, put on your partner’s favorite perfume or cologne you own, and that new dress you never got to wear. You know the one!

Now – the fun part – you pick the dinner! It can be the cheapest pizza delivery you can find AND the most pricey bottle of wine from the grocery store, OR it can be a five-star, multi-course meal! You pick! But as long as there is one fancy aspect to your night, you’re all set!

2 women trying on a fancy dress

Opt for Something Other Than the Usual

If you usually plop down on the couch after a long day of virtual work, try something different! Get out of the house! Go for a jog, a picnic, or a drive. The choice is yours!

Stay Open About Everything

If you close yourself off your partner, there is no doubt that there will be riffs in your relationship. If you are experiencing higher levels of anxiety, fear, doubt, or if you are just plain overwhelmed, keep your partner in the loop.

There is no way for them to support you if they have no clue how you are holding up. Just in case you missed our tip above, as a general rule of thumb, do not expect your partner to read your mind!

Date Night Like You Mean it

Date night while locked up inside can look like a handful of things! Yes, we know. Everything is closed and there’s not much to do at home. That just means you have to get a little creative! Relive your childhood and make a pillow fort. Borrow a ball from your kids and play catch in the living room! Just be careful not to break anything!

Date night boxes laid out on table

An easy way to get super fun and unique date nights is to get them delivered by subscribing to a date night box! These will be delivered straight to your door and the dates have everything already planned for a romantic at-home date night! You can check out our available boxes here!

Try Something Completely New Together

What is something you have always wanted to try? Now can you do it together? Playing the floor is lava as an adult in your home, engaging in a real-life food fight, creating your own dance choreography, changing the rules to some of your favorite classic board games, duping your favorite restaurant recipes at home, or having a bake-off with your partner! Get creative!

Couple dancing in their home

Stay Engaged and Responsive to Your Partner

Let the things flow in your day-to-day, stay flexible, and try to maintain perspective when maybe your ideal schedule doesn’t come to fruition. When tensions run high, we can find ourselves short and impatient with the people we love the most.

Don’t allow the stress of the unknown to negatively impact your relationship! Stay aware of how your attitude may hijack your good times with your person!

Couple looking at each other while laying in bed

Embrace the Boredom

Hey, maybe things being closed is the perfect excuse you both need to keep the blinds closed, and soak up uninterrupted time together. Nap all day long on a lazy Sunday. Whatever you want, this time is yours! Listen to your body and take some time to kick your feet up if you need and want it! There’s no shame in taking some time to relax!

Cuddle More

Release those happy hormones by staying close to your partner, hug them a little bit longer than usual, snuggle in a little bit closer, and hold their hand a little bit tighter. There is something so special about being able to be held closely by someone you love. Take advantage of this time indoors together!

Couple snuggling with their dog on the ground

Create the Movie Marathon of Your Dreams

This one is FUN! If you have been dreaming of piles of pillows, snuggly blankets, hot cocoa, and popcorn, read on! Picture this: a projector, twinkle lights, charcuterie board, your favorite drinks and snacks.

This idea can be whatever you want and as complex or simple as you like! Just pick your favorite movie series or a handful of movies and snuggle up! Head to Pinterest for the dreamiest movie night ideas just like we did! #hearteyes


We give you all of these tips and tricks for one reason; we know that this pandemic might pull at your relationship. Now, whether it pulls you apart or pulls you together is up to you! Keep your love train chug-chug-chugging along by getting creative and planning time to stay connected!

A regular date night can keep you two closer than ever. And we understand coming up with and having regular date nights can be incredibly hard during these times. That’s why we take care of everything for you! Sign up for our date night subscription and we’ll send you a brand new, never-before-seen date night every single month!

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