How to Show Your Love For Your Partner in 5 Easy Ways

How to Show Your Love For Your Partner in 5 Easy Ways

Even though telling someone you love them seems like the obvious way to make sure they know they’re loved, how can you make them feel loved without even saying a word? With these quick and simple tips, your partner will be feeling butterflies in no time.

Practice Intentional Connection

We know that this seems a bit old school, but what if you both turned off your phones after 7 PM every night and just reconnected? Now while there is a major difference between hearing and listening, a lot of the time (if not all the time), you are not actively listening while you’re scrolling on Facebook.

Also – there has never been a turn off bigger than looking up to realize your partner was eyebrow deep in an Instagram scroll and didn’t hear a word of how your day went.

If you both set aside time to connect on that deeper level at least once or twice a week, imagine how well your love and your relationship as a whole will grow!

Little Gestures Add Up

Sure, maybe you are not the biggest fan of the smell of his favorite dish, but maybe he LOVES salmon and asparagus!

Surprise them when they get home from a long day at work, celebrate regularly all those little things, the bonus you got at work, your 7 and ¾ year anniversary, replay your wedding song in the living room and recreate your first dance, cut fresh flowers for the bedside from your garden, relive your first date at home, bake a cake to celebrate your love story, attempt to bake her favorite cookies without burning the house down, your love is yours!

So have fun with it! If you are actively pursuing and wooing your partner, your love will never die. So put away that sheepish pride, and get gushy! When was the last time you made a little bit of a fool of yourself because you wanted to make sure your partner felt your love? Now go get creative!

Plan a Regular Date Night

In our experience, having a regular, recurring date night is the most simple, and thoughtful way to stay connected with your partner. Now maybe money is tight, or time is hard to find, but don’t give up all hope yet. You don’t have to have a super fancy, extravagant date night to reap the benefits. Dust off the old game board box in that one closet you never open and let your competitive side out. Or grab some snacks and watch funny videos. Yes, these count as date nights, as long as you’re both enjoying them!

Need a little more inspiration? We have a date night idea that delivers your next date night right to your front door! Regularly going to dinner and a movie might be out of the question, but eating in and blocking out an hour or two to get to know your partner better with our date night box subscription will be just what the doctor ordered to make your partner feel loved.

The date night boxes are full of activities that engage, connect, and draw both people together. The likelihood of you learning something new about your long-time partner is high, and the games inside our boxes can get even the most serious of couples rolling on the floor laughing like crazy!

Remain Thankful

Unmet expectations can hurt any type of relationship. Instead of jumping onto the toxic expectation train, and possibly derailing your mood (or worse, your relationship) because they didn’t have the dishwasher unloaded by the time you got home, try choosing a new trait to be thankful for in your partner! Maybe it is their unending joy, their patience, their ability to calm you down when they do forget to unload the dishwasher… again. You chose this person for more than one reason. So challenge your mind to stick to the positive and let go of everything else that isn’t uplifting.

Love cannot flourish in a harsh and critical environment. If this is harder to do than you thought, maybe it is time to have a good communication session to speak through the way that the other person’s actions make you feel. Communication is the key to any long standing relationship.

Remind Them of Their Value – AND DO IT OFTEN

Everyone loves mail. You know, the fun kind with postage and a handwritten note. Almost nothing says, “I have been thinking of you”, more than a note on the bathroom mirror reminding them of their worth to you, and how you can’t wait to hug and kiss them once you get home.

Even a short text telling them you love them, or maybe remembering one of your favorite memories you share. Want to go full out? Write a letter for your partner!

Staying thoughtful can do wonders to uplift your partner, even during some the most difficult of seasons, bringing home dinner for them so they don’t have to prepare something for you both might be the one of the most underestimated romantic gestures in the whole book.

So try looking for the things that your partner does that drip with kindness. Are they the brightest ray of sunshine you’ve ever seen? Then TELL THEM!

Some might be easier than others

But we know that maintaining this commitment can be more challenging than both of you bargained for in the beginning.

Love takes a lot of elbow grease and learning of the other person to know best what might make them feel loved. Of course these are just a few of our favorite small tips, but there are so many other small, large, and intimate things that you can do for your partner on a regular basis that only you might know about.

If you’re still wanting additional ideas, take a look at what makes your relationship special, what sets you both apart from the rest. Was it your love for all things sports? Do you both tell really goofy and not funny at all jokes that only the two of you think are hysterical? No two relationships look the same, so capitalize on what makes yours special and stay true to that!

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