The Ultimate Couples Gift Guide for 2021

The Ultimate Couples Gift Guide for 2021

Whether you are looking for the ultimate ideas for wedding gifts, holiday gifts, Christmas gifts, or just to find a gift for your favorite couple in your life, we’re here to help! This is our ultimate 2021 gift guide for couples!

1. Date Night Box Subscription

Date night in a box is by far our favorite at-home date night idea. Your favorite couple can receive one date night per month that includes 4 to 6 challenges and activities to help inspire laughter and strengthen their relationship. With our creative and unique themes, each date is specifically designed by our team to make date night fun! No babysitter required, and we provide all you need, no planning required!

2. Wine Delivery Subscription

You don’t have to come to their next party empty-handed. Choose between red wine, white wine, or both! Your couples can get their next order delivered right to their door.

3. House Plants

The ultimate house-warming gift, plants can liven up any space! You can get large or small plants delivered straight to their door. From succulents to fiddle leaf ferns, the couple you love will happy to receive a plan in the mail. Who wouldn’t be?

4. Instant Pot

This one is a no brainer. If you have a couple you love, they need to have this one appliance in their kitchen! This pressure cooker is the lifesaver for any busy couple! Cooking never got easier than this.

5. A Mini Coffee Maker

Another goodie for the on-the-go couple! If there is no time in the morning to brew that fresh pot of coffee, and they always have to get out the door quickly, this is the gift for them. Busy mornings always need fresh coffee, don’t let your couple go without it!

6. Ring Doorbell

Keep the couple you love feeling safe and sound with this home safety system. Ring has many features, including entire smart home safety systems with real-time notifications and even video! 

7. A Family Cookbook

For any couple wishing to preserve their great grandma’s secret family recipes forever, this is the perfect gift idea. Nana’s famous banana bread recipe will never get lost again.

8. A Cheese Board

Who doesn’t want all the bells and whistles with their perfect charcuterie spread? 

9. A Custom Puzzle

If you are looking for the perfect gift for couples who love games, this might be the most thoughtful gift. This personalized puzzle will make any couple feel loved!

10. Nourishing Goats Milk Soap

We have an amazing gift idea for anyone who loves a little something organic. This goat milk soap smells so good, you’ll want to buy a bar for them and for you!

  11. A Cold Brew Maker

We’ve got one more coffee gift idea! This cold brew maker is perfect for any couples you know that spend just a little too much on iced coffee. This cold brew maker comes with all the pieces, and all they’ve got to do is choose the beans they like to use and they are good to go!

12. A Double Nest Hammock

Come on, what couple doesn’t want to hang out and snuggle between two trees? This double nest hammock is perfect for one or two people.

13.  An Espresso Machine

ONE LAST COFFEE GIFT, we promise! This gift is an amazing item for any self-proclaimed barista couple you know! They will be slinging spro and pouring latte art in no time!

14. A Robot Vacuum

Because vacuuming the house is so old school. Get a robot vacuum to do that for them instead!

15. An Inflatable Hot Tub

Can’t you just imagine setting this up in your 3rd-floor apartment as a newly married couple? Us too. This inflatable hot tub can go wherever you do! 

16. An Ice Cream Maker

It may not be summer anymore, but one thing is for sure, the best ice cream is homemade ice cream! Make sure your favorite couple doesn’t go without their own ice cream maker this holiday season! 

17. A Portable Speaker

Make sure the music can go with them anywhere. A portable speaker is a great, practical gift for any couple. They can take their speaker out of town, or in their backyard for a close to home getaway!

18. A Heart Shaped Waffle Maker

We included this one solely because it was cute! And because who doesn’t want to eat heart-shaped waffles?!

19. A Showerhead Speaker

This gadget is just plain cool, a showerhead that helps you sing in the shower? Sign us up!

20. Yeti Cooler

You can never have too many coolers! They come in so handy! With this ice chest, they can take their favorite cold items with them far and wide.

21. An Affordable Stand Mixer

Allow your favorite couple to bake as many batches of chocolate chip cookies as their hearts desire! Every home needs a hand mixer that keeps their hands from getting tired. Make sure they are taken care of with this stand mixer.

22. Fire Pit

Every couple deserves to cuddle up next to a fire pit with a blanket and hot coco! Make their cozy dreams come true by getting them a fire pit that will last forever, and will look good on any back porch!

23. Personalized Doormat

How sweet would it be to get a doormat made for your couple with their anniversary date? Every time they come home, they will be reminded of their love and when they tied the knot!

24. Flower Subscription

Never let the love die! Keep those flowers fresh! How sweet would it be to get a fresh bouquet delivered for your favorite people every month? This is our favorite California-based flower company!

  25. Quality Soy Candles

Handmade candles are always more fun to burn than store-bought. Support small businesses by including a few candles in his and her stockings! Their home will be smelling so fresh and yummy for 70 hours!

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