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How to Recycle Your Date Night Box

You’ve just completed your latest date night box. How exciting! Now it’s time to make sure we responsibly recycle as much of it as we can!


The very first thing you will see is the actual box. This is pretty straight forward.

  • Remove any plastic and items inside the box.
  • Break down the box by cutting any tape and unfolding the box until you can lay it flat.
  • Don’t worry about removing the tape completely, you can drop the cardboard off with tape for it to be recycled too.
  • Find your nearest cardboard recycling center.

Plastic bags

  • Start a plastic bag recycling bin, or, well, bag. You can fit a decent amount of bags inside since they compact so easily.
  • Remove anything inside the bags, such as papers, crumbs, or other plastics that may need to be recycled separately.
  • Once your plastic bag bin is full, you can recycle it at most major retailers and grocery stores, such as Walmart and Target.
  • If you do not have one of these available to you, you can find your nearest plastic bag recycling center here.

Paper products

This includes everything from the packs of cards, to instruction cards, to the date night booklets. You can just throw these in the same recycling bin you throw paper products into. That was easy!

Packaging materials (if applicable)

Your date night will sometimes come with foam or crinkle cut paper to help keep your items from shifting around too much during shipping.

To recycle foam

Find a center that accepts foam for recycling.

For crinkle cut paper

You can easily throw this into your paper recycling bin.

For more help recycling

If you need more help recycling your date night box materials, or just want to learn how to recycle better, go to the handy tool created by Earth911. You can search for what you want to recycle and your location, and it will return a list of nearest locations that accept that material.

Thank you for helping the planet!

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