The Perfect Date Ideas for This Summer

The Perfect Date Ideas for This Summer

Summer is almost here! And you know what that means! Summer date nights! Whether you're excited to go have a picnic at the park, get your feet wet at the beach, or even just stay home and have a movie marathon, we've got you covered in this list of our perfect date ideas for this summer.

Take a trip to the beach

Have a picnic

Take a hike

Backyard barbeque

Play a round of mini-golf

Get some ice cream

Make your OWN ice cream

Go to a local river

Make your own lemonade

Plan a road trip!

Set up a stargazing station

Take a walk around town

Go for a bicycle ride around town

Watch the sunset

Go skydiving

Go to your local farmers market

Go camping

Go for a run together somewhere beautiful

Go to the lake

Visit an amusement park

Watch an outdoor movie

Try an outdoor exercise class

Watch the sunset (or sunrise)

Sign up for a local race

Play mini golf

Tackle an escape room

Go wine tasting

Couples massages

View a firework show

Take a surfing lesson

Plan a bonfire night

Explore a local farmers market

Visit the zoo

That should fill up a day or two! For an extra fun evening, combine a few of these ideas together. Get some ice cream and eat it while strolling through a farmers market where you'll grab some food to have your picnic. The possibilities are endless!

Got any great ideas that we missed? Send us an email at and let us know! ❤️

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