22 of the Most Romantic New Year's Eve Traditions for Couples

22 of the Most Romantic New Year's Eve Traditions for Couples

While this year may not have always been easy, you made it through and learned a lot! You may have learned a lot about both yourself and your partner. You may have also learned to cling tightly to those you love, to never take sitting indoors at your favorite coffee shop for granted ever again, or how you maybe can’t quite remember what taking a deep breath of fresh air in a group of people feels like. (Seriously, we used to just go inside stores without masks? 😳)

With 2020 behind us, we move into the promise of a happy and healthy new year, and we can’t wait to celebrate! Out with the old, and in with the new, they say!

Here are our top most romantic ways to celebrate the new year with your partner! (We have included “2020 friendly” options for every couple!)

1. Celebrate together

We're starting with a classic. What better way to welcome the new year than by watching the countdown while snuggling with your partner and drinking a cup of hot chocolate?

2. Create a new meal based on 2020

Maybe you discovered a new favorite restaurant or dish together this year. Spend some time trying to recreate it at home so you can add it to your recipe book for years to come!

3. Share your resolutions as a couple

Simple, sure, but this activity may open up a great conversation, and you may even learn something new about your partner! Try adding 1 more resolution as a couple, such as having a consistent date night or spending more time together.

4. Plan a getaway for the new year

For a lot of us, most of this year has been spent indoors. There’s nothing more fun than dreaming up a vacation getaway with your favorite person. Where do you want to go? Do you want to go to a tropical island, or a historic landmark? Can you do both on the same trip?

5. Plan a decadent evening of treats and sweets

Why not? We have had one hard year. Treat yourself with an evening of all your favorite sweets! Go to the store and let yourself rummage through the candy aisle. Put on your favorite show or movie and let yourself indulge in all that sugary goodness.

6. Create a 2020 playlist for a 2020 dance party

Dancing may cause the side effects of laughing, smiling, hollering, and making hysterical memories with those you love. Show off your best moves and maybe even hold a dance competition to see who holds the title of “best dancer of the group.”

7. Movie marathon your favorite series into the new year

Star Wars, Harry Potter, or Lord of the Rings anyone? Whichever series you decide on, pull it up on your TV, change into your coziest PJs, grab your snacks, and let the marathon begin!

8. Visit your first date location and recreate your first date

You know how it happened, they asked you out, you couldn’t believe it! They picked you up and you were dressed up and felt great! Recreate your favorite parts of your first date with what you have. Enjoy each other’s company as you reminisce on your relationship and how far you’ve grown together.

9. Volunteer together during the holiday

Our communities are in desperate need of our help, especially this time of year! Grab your hunny and stop over at a local food bank to donate some foodOr provide needed items to a nearby shelter (i.e. toiletries and personal care items, bedding and blankets, clothes, socks, and underwear, or even your time!).

10. Pajama party for two

Who doesn’t want to wear their jammies while they ring in the new year? Footsie pajamas for the win!

11. Create a year-end photo slideshow and share your favorite memories

Bust out the projector and present your favorite photo memories with you and your partner. Remember all the good (and bad) that happened that made this year memorable for the both of you.

12. Relive your childhood new year's eve traditions as a couple

You know the ones, the memories that always remind you of the holidays with your family and old friends. Share those memories with your significant other to possibly create new lasting traditions from your old traditions.

13. Commit to a regular date night

We all know how important date night is to a healthy relationship. But it can be extremely hard to keep it up consistently. And if 2020 has taught us anything, it's that you can only do so much at home before you run out of ideas.

This is where Crated with Love comes in! We create a brand new date night every single month and send it right to your door. Everything is included and the activities are designed specifically to improve your relationship and communication. You can learn more here!

14. Create a countdown kiss photo to remember the moment

Memories are told through photographs, documenting your New Year’s kiss will help you to remember your evening together forever. These photos will also help remind you of what is truly important when you're going through hard times.

15. Create a giving calendar to give back each month of the new year

Get creative this year and set aside time each month to give back! By planning a giving calendar, you are devoting time to pour into those who need it in this new year.

16. Create an at-home spa night

Stop by your local shops to find bath salts, bubble bars, and luxury spa goodies, and don’t forget the candles! Pro-tip, hot stone massages are a game changer.

17. Host a mystery dinner party - In person or via Zoom!

Why not have a little bit of mystery-filled fun? Get creative this holiday by hosting a dinner party with all the bells and whistles, plus a little surprise!

18. Create a time capsule of 2020 to be opened on New Year's Eve 2030!

This has the potential to be a very funny and/or gut-wrenching time capsule. Don’t forget to include hand sanitizer and a mask in your capsule!

19. Plan out events for the year!

Since this last year was filled with many canceled events, why not start planning for the events you were not able to have?! Dream up the best birthday extravaganza you possibly can, or invest some time scouting out the overseas trip you always wanted to take for your anniversary!

20. Go ice skating 

Maybe there is a rink open near you on New Year’s Eve. Skate on over and enjoy some good laughs on the ice.

21. Have a game night

Collect all of the games you’ve been wanting to buy for yourself for the last few years, and have an ultra game night extravaganza!

22. Go for a midnight stroll and listen to your neighborhood ring in the new year

As this year comes to a close, we all have a lot to celebrate. 2020 being over is one! If you want to stroll into 2021 with a grateful heart and centered mind, take a stroll right before the bell strikes midnight. Listen closely as people come to peace with the year past and move into the promise of the new year to come!


This concludes our 22 best romantic date night ideas for celebrating the new year with your person!

One of the most important things you can do for your relationship this coming year is to have a consistent date night. We know this can be hard, so we're here to help!

Get a complete date night delivered right to your door with Crated with Love. Every month is a new adventure filled with games and activities designed to improve every aspect of your relationship. ❤️


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