Importance of Having a Regular Date Night After Quarantine

Importance of Having a Regular Date Night After Quarantine

We all know that you’ve been locked inside with your honey for more days than you can count at this point. The stress that this pandemic may have put on your relationship may be hard to ignore at this point, but don’t you worry! Stay tuned as we here at Crated with Love share our top tips on how and why to maintain your weekly date nights, and the perks of adding a regular date night to your relationship!

Take Care of the Built up Stress First

Before moving on to planning date night, be sure to take care of the stress that has built up first. Trying to coordinate or work together when you’re both on the verge of blowing up. Try some of the following tips to help you release some stress before moving on to the rest of this post.

  • Take some alone time for yourself
  • Have a spa night
  • Do a hard workout
  • Go for a long walk
  • Play video games
  • Visit friends you haven’t gotten to see in a while

Maintain and Create New Relationship Routines

Things have gotten weird, there is no doubt about that. This may have been a really rough season on your relationship, one that you never saw coming, but we encourage you to not be afraid to reestablish your once cherished routines. Whether that be date night Thursdays, morning coffee together and quiet time before the family gets up, evening walks hand-in-hand after dinner, friends, etc. It’s time to get creative and really lean into the activities with our partners that bring us closer together and stronger! 

Date night is one of those sacred recurring events that many couples with an established date night swear by. And we promise that adding a weekly or monthly date night to your calendar will likely even make your weeks easier to tackle when you have an exciting event on the calendar to look forward to.


You will hear this one time and time again, but there’s a good reason for that. The only way that your partner is going to know what you’re thinking or feeling, is to be candid about those things. 

If you are having an exceptionally hard day, expressing to your partner that you want alone time is a million times better than snapping at them without them even realizing you weren’t doing well. Asking your partner if they can unload the dishwasher is infinitely better than realizing your partner did not unload the dishwasher, nor read your mind when you wanted them to do it. 

It might feel gross at first to get off whatever is on your chest, it may even hurt, but opening up about how you’re feeling, especially in these current times, is the keystone to any strong and enduring relationship. You can even make communicating a fun and engaging experience by playing new games, getting creative and enjoying new in-home activities together. You can even try establishing weekly check-in days where you and your partner can be open and honest about how each other is feeling, and how their week has gone while eating pints of ice cream as you both vent. 

For many, these important times of communication happen during their weekly or monthly established date nights. One more reason to get dressed up and enjoy your person! Go ahead, start planning something special!

If You Are Experiencing Cabin Fever…

While it is so crucial to maintain healthy communication and routine in what can be a very monotonous season, this is nothing any of us have ever experienced before! Since May is mental health awareness month. This gives us all the more reason to encourage you to step back, evaluate your emotions and thoughts in this time, and really ensure that you are holding up okay yourself. You may realize you need to plan individual times apart from your partner to recharge, opposite sides of the house for a few hours, or even getting outdoors for a hike or jog. 

It is inevitable, being locked indoors with your partner, things are likely to get heated and you may have already said a thing or two that you wish you hadn’t. No matter the person, them being your partner, or not, it’s likely they may get on your nerves. Make it a new habit to take a moment or two a day to self analyze how you are feeling and even how things are going interrelationality. Then take a much needed deep breath and intentionally take those first moves toward regaining control of your mind, heart and relationship. 

Have grace for yourself and your partner in these times, this is not long-term but it can feel that way at times.

There Is a Light at the End of the Tunnel

Say you and your partner are killing it. You two have been each other’s knight in shining armor, bringing in the trash cans, changing all the diapers, and you just realized that date night has been working for you both in quarantine! As we’ve been seeing more regulations loosen the last few weeks, and the states continue to reopen businesses and restaurants, it may feel like life is about to go back to normal. But, for the sake of date night, don’t forget to continue to add this newly established and loved tradition to your calendar once the dust settles. You both have realized how much love, endurance, and passion your relationship has. Maybe quarantine lit an old flame between the two of you that you forgot you had. Whatever it may be, don’t ditch date night! Relationships take continual effort integrity, but the elbow grease that you put into a solid relationship you will always pay back tenfold! Just think of it like this, you may never be trapped indoors with your significant other for three consecutive months ever again, right?

Need a Little Help With Date Night?

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