How to get Your Spouse Onboard with Date Night (4 Easy Tips!)

How to get Your Spouse Onboard with Date Night (4 Easy Tips!)

We all want a better marriage. We all want more love, more intimacy, more fun, and a stronger connection with our spouse. One of the most important things you can do in your marriage is to invest in date night for so many reasons.

But, like most great things in life, saying and doing are two different things. It can be difficult to go all-in on date night, especially if you aren’t accustomed to it in the first place. So, to help you out (because we’ve been in those same shoes), we’ve outlined 4 things to keep in mind when trying to get your spouse onboard with date night!

Keep date night simple

Date night is so much more than spending money and going out. It’s a moment to reconnect with your spouse. To reignite those fires within. To create memories together and to build that bond between you both. So, don’t overcomplicate it!

Sure, creating a long scavenger hunt sending you each to a plethora of different locations is fun (and we aren’t saying not to do something like that), but if you are trying to get your marriage back into the rhythm of date night, take baby steps. Focus on those feelings we talked about above. Help you each discover the true meaning of date night first. And sometimes all that takes is a moonlit stroll along the pier or getting a cone of your favorite ice cream. Focus on the moment.

Keep it lighthearted and focus on fun

If you are going through a rough patch in your relationship or if you need to get your marriage back on the right track, a date night filled with seriousness can be stressful or build the tension. So, when trying to get your spouse onboard with date night, focus on fun!

One on the most underrated ingredients of romance is laughter. Laughter has an amazing way of breaking down walls and connecting two people. When coming up with date night ideas, look for those that promote fun. Don’t be afraid to be silly.

Take away the stress of planning

We’ve all been in the “What do YOU want to do?” scenario with our spouses. It usually ends with someone finally taking action and picking a familiar restaurant or movie theater. Doing circles while trying to plan date night can be stressful and can diminish the desire altogether, resorting in plain night out. So, find ways to take away that stress.

At Crated with Love, we do all the work for you with our date night boxes, but you can do the same things at home. You can write out a list of 20 different date night ideas and throw them in a jar, picking one every time you go out. You can make a list of restaurant or activities, roll a die and cross each one off until you’ve found the last remaining, winning, option. You can find ideas of Pinterest or from friends. All these options help alleviate the “chore” of choosing what to do for date night while adding some built-in spontaneity (another key ingredient of date night).

Gamify date night!

The best date night ideas are those that promote laughter and engagement between the both of you. A great way of doing that is by adding some competition to your night. Sure, bowling, mini-golf, and board games have that element built in, which is great. But what if you turned everyday ideas into games?

Going out to dinner? Find some games you can play at the table or find some way to “gamify” the way you choose each of your dishes (a piece of paper and a die is all you need).

Going to the movies? Create a list of common scenes (something exploding, two main characters kissing, a character laughing or crying) and have you each write down how many times you think those things will happen. The person with the closest guesses gets to choose the dessert for the night.

Creating simple games to play together can be a great way to increase the fun and make date night more engaging.

How can Crated with Love help?

At Crated with Love, our goal is to make date night fun, easy, and impactful through our boxes. We plan and create everything necessary for an amazing date night you can do in the comfort of your own home. Getting your partner excited about date night has never been easier! Start improving your relationship today, one date night at a time!

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