Date Night Roulette (or Date Night Flash Cards) - The Spontaneous Way to Plan a Date Night

Date Night Roulette (or Date Night Flash Cards) - The Spontaneous Way to Plan a Date Night


Planning a fun date night is never easy. And too often, we get stuck on the "I don't know, what do YOU want to do..." ping pong conversation.


Well, we are here to share that planning a delightful date together can not only be easy, but it can also be part of the fun with a game we call Date Night Roulette!


All you need is your partner and some flash cards (or the exclusive Date Night Roulette Game by Crated with Love).

What is Date Night Roulette?

Date Night Roulette (sometimes referred to as Date Night Flash Cards) is a surprising and spontaneous way to plan a date night where one person blindly selects what you will do during your date.


It is simple to play, easy to complete, and allows you to drop the whole back-and-forth of decision-making. Because, part of the fun is that whatever is selected must be done, no questions asked!


Date Night Roulette can be played with flash cards or index cards and a pen, but you can take it to another level with the Crated with Love Date Night Roulette Card Game.


How to Plan a Date Night Roulette Event with Your Partner

First, decide whether you want to plan a date night out or a date night in. Decide the day and time and make sure you have all the necessary actions taken care of so you focus on each other - i.e., making sure you have a babysitter.


You'll also want to discuss your date night budget, which will help determine the categories and options you will select from.


Then, you'll want to grab a stack of flashcards and a pen (if not using the Date Night Roulette Card Game). Then, you'll be ready to go!

Choose Your Category Types

Right before setting off on your date, you'll want to think of 3-5 date night categories to choose from. This will help you plan out each step of your date night. Below are some examples.


Location: Where do you want to plan your date? You could write down cities, specific areas around your town, or simple "date night out" and "date night in."


Restaurant: Where do you want to get your date night dinner? You can choose favorites of yours, or you can come up with options you've never tried before.


Activity: What do you want to do on your date? You can select options like bowling or hiking at a specific park for your date out of the house. Or, if you are staying in, you can write down options for board games or indoor activities.


Movie: If your date includes a movie, you can write down options here or shows that are available to stream at home.


Outfit: If you want to be really adventurous, you can select the apparel style you must wear. Will you go formal or casual? Or maybe you'll choose pajamas only!


Of course, you can always think of other options not listed above. Come up with some categories that interest you both, and try to be as spontaneous as possible!

date night roulette categories

Come Up with Two Options Per Category

Once you have your categories, have you each come up with one option. Don't overthink it. Remember, the true value of this date night is the experience and the journey. Whatever you choose, you'll be creating an adventure together.


Once you have your options, write each on its own flash card. Make sure to separate the piles by categories so you can choose from two options of the same type at once.

Have Your Partner Blindly Select an Option

When you have all your cards filled out, it is time to create your date!


There are a couple of different options. First, you can select all the activities at once so that your whole date is planned out in the beginning. Or, you can choose another option after you've completed the first. Either work. It really depends on what you want your experience to look like.


Choose one person to blindly select an option while the other holds them up. And whatever they choose, you must do! 

date night roulette options examples

Complete Your Date Night Challenge

Once you've selected the winning option, complete the challenge by doing that activity, eating at that restaurant, or watching that movie.


And if you love to share experiences on social media, this game makes the perfect Instagram or TikTok content!

date night roulette flash cards game

The Mix It Up Date Night Roulette Game

If you want a more polished experience, try the Mix It Up Date Night Roulette game by Crated with Love. The basic rules are the same, but the game walks you through each step and gives you reusable flash cards you can use in the future.


In addition, the game also comes with 10 Connection Challenges cards you can choose to use during your date. These challenges mix things up a bit and add to your experience, focusing on helping you and your partner connect in different ways.


No matter the categories or the options you choose, this game makes planning a date night simple, easy, and super fun! Try it out on your next date night if you cannot decide what to do or if you want a little extra spontaneity and adventure in your relationship!

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