The Absolute Best Valentine's Day Ideas for 2021 (Quarantine Edition)

The Absolute Best Valentine's Day Ideas for 2021 (Quarantine Edition)

Even though Valentine's Day may not look the same as it has in the past, there are still so many romantic options for you to choose from! Indoors or outdoors, here are our 25 absolute best Valentine’s Day ideas for 2021, quarantine edition!

Have a duvet day

Make cuddling a sport and stay in bed all day, because you both deserve a little downtime! There is nothing wrong with skipping the extravagant plans this year for Valentine’s Day. Go ahead, stay home and relax.

Breakfast in bed

Because who doesn’t like breakfast and staying in their pajamas? Cook up your favorite breakfast foods for one another! Belgian waffles, fresh-squeezed orange juice, bacon, and scrambled eggs? Yes, please!

Do a date night in a box

If you don't want to plan something over the top this year, you don’t have to! Here at Crated with Love, we create unique date nights that arrive in a box with everything included. Every month is a brand new adventure. One date night could have you traveling to Mars, while another could have you accepting a speech at Hollywood!

We're running an exclusive Valentine’s Day sale where you can get 12 months of date nights for just $299! When the average date night of dinner and a movie can cost over $100, this Valentine’s Day sale is a real steal!

Learn how to make pizza from scratch

There is nothing better than scratch-made pizza dough and homemade pizza sauce. Be sure to plan this one a little early, so your dough has time to set. Trust us, it will be worth the wait!

Make a charcuterie board of all of your favorite snacks

All the cheese and salami, please! One of the best ways to create an easy to snack platter with all of your favorite goodies is to create a charcuterie board. You can skip the compotes and soft cheese if that is not your jam. Be sure to include both of your favorite snacks, and do not forget the chocolate covered strawberries!

Take an online art class

Let’s think outside the box! Even though we are still in the middle of a global pandemic, there are still creative ways to get artistic with your partner from the safety of your home. Online art classes offer virtual instruction while allowing you the freedom to both get as creative as you like, within a time frame that works for both of your schedules.

Re-create the romance from your first date

It’s hard to forget your first date with your partner. Let’s take a little time this Valentine’s Day to remember those early relationship feelings, even before you were official! Choose your first date or one of your favorite dates from your relationship, and re-create this date as best as you can from your home!

Rent an Airbnb

With shelter in place orders keeping many of us indoors, create a change of scenery and rent an Airbnb. You can look at places near or far, because, as long as you’re both together, you’ll be home, right?

Netflix binge

Is there one Netflix series you’ve been dying to watch with your partner? Maybe you haven't found the time to start, or maybe you just keep forgetting. Devote this evening to binge-watching a series of your choice, and get creative by making themed snacks to match the mood.

Start planning a dream trip

Is there one location in mind that you’ve been dying to see with your partner? While the travel ban still may be in place, now is the perfect time to start planning for your dream vacation for once these restrictions have lifted! Settle on a location, google search possible hotels, and start looking into fun activities that your dream location offers!

Bake heart-shaped goodies

It's Valentine's Day, so of course we can’t stop thinking about all of the sweet treats the season has to offer! Apron up, and choose one (or a handful) of recipes you’ve been wanting to tackle at home! Spend the evening baking away with your love, and once the baking is complete, settle in for the night and enjoy eating all your hard work!

Create an in-house scavenger hunt

With a little creativity and a little romance, you can create the perfect evening by curating an in-home scavenger hunt. Here is a fun little scavenger hunt you can try with your partner!

Eat all of the chocolate

Valentine’s Day is your excuse. Go ahead, bust out all the chocolate, but don’t forget to share with your partner!

Create an at-home spa day

Set the mood, dim the lights, light those candles, and turn on your sound machine. An at-home spa day is one of the most romantic evenings you could plan at home. All you need is your favorite spa products, fresh towels, and some hot massage stones if you want to get fancy.

Order takeout food from all of the different restaurants you’ve been wanting to try

Do you feel like Chinese food, and do they feel like pizza? Don’t worry about it! Have both of you choose what you’d like to eat for dinner (and dessert) and order away! To make things extra exciting, have your partner order your dish as a surprise, and vice versa, and make dinner a surprise.

Learn an iconic dance from one of your favorite movies

Do you have that one movie, that whenever you watch it, you just want to get up and dance? Embrace it and learn the dance! Whether it’s the iconic scene from Dirty Dancing, or maybe even Footloose! If you’re up for a healthy challenge, this idea’s for you!

Tour a museum virtually or stream a virtual concert

While some of your favorite activities may not be available due to statewide closures, many places have gotten creative and developed virtual experiences that can be found online! Try one of these museums, or take a look at some of the virtual concerts that are happening here!

Play board games

That board game collection is only collecting dust. Get out a handful of your favorite two-player board games and reminisce with your partner. If you want to make this evening extra special, purchase a handful of board games you’ve been wanting to try out, and spend the night learning what your new favorite game board is!

Find an online trivia night

Online platforms, such as Kahoot, offer many options for couples looking for fun and engaging date nights. Join as a team, or add some healthy competition to the mix and play against your partner.

Take a bike ride and in a pretty location near you

You might need to find your tire pump, but break out your bikes and go for a little ride. Relax with your partner and ride to a new part of your city you may never have seen before.

Have a cooking competition

A little bit of competition in a relationship can be fun, but don’t go overboard! Choose a recipe you both feel like you can conquer, and then taste-test the final products to decide a winner. If both dishes are equally as good, create a dessert tiebreaker!

Take a hike

If weather permits, get outdoors and enjoy the scenery! Download a hiking trail map app, select the level of difficulty, and set out for an adventure together. Don’t forget to pack a small backpack with water, snacks, and if you’re hiking to a location, possibly even enough for a picnic!

Download a stargazing app and look for shooting stars

Have you ever looked up at the night sky and wished you could pick out all of the constellations? There’s an app for that! Go ahead and spend some time studying the night sky with your person. Is there anything more romantic than watching for shooting stars under cozy blankets?

Make vision boards

Make this Valentine's Day one to remember! Create a joint vision board for your relationship over the next year! Collect a handful of your favorite magazines, and cut out the images and phrases that you want to represent this next year within your relationship.

Book a socially distanced couples photoshoot

When was the last time that you took couples photographs with your partner? Book a local photographer near you for a socially distanced couple photoshoot this Valentine’s Day! While you two cuddle up, allow your photographer to capture these memories for years to come.


There you have it, a handful of our favorite COVID-friendly Valentine’s Day date night ideas! Date night at home might sound like nothing special, especially after you both spent more time in your home in 2020 than you ever thought possible. But with some planning and creativity, or simply signing up for a date night box subscription, this Valentine’s Day can be a breeze! Click here to see what date night box themes we have available!

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