50 Things for Couples to Do this Fall

50 Things for Couples to Do this Fall

There are so many fun things that this season holds, from pumpkin picking and carving to hayrides and corn mazes. We love the changing of the seasons because it mostly means that we are breaking out a handful of, completely new and creative, date night box themes for our couples! 

We are very excited over here, not only because we can drink Pumpkin Spice Lattes and wear sweaters in the office without being made fun of… but, because we just launched our second ever escape room in a box!

Now, there are a few other things that we are excited about with the season change and cooler temperatures. Here are some of our favorite date night activities for Autumn! 

  1. Stay in with a Cozy Date Night in a Box

This one is obviously our favorite activity! Because who doesn’t want a festive date night at home?

  1. Mulled Cider

Pull out Pinterest to find a yummy warm spiced drink of choice for you and your Hunny!

  1. Pick your own Pumpkins and Carve Them

Have you ever been to an actual pumpkin patch to PICK your own pumpkin? If you haven’t already, start this as a new tradition this year!

Girls having fun with halloween pumpkins places on their heads. they are smiling.
  1. Costume Parties 

Gather some of your closest friends and have a costume contest and Halloween party! If your friends are too far from you, try a ZOOM party!

  1. Candle Hunting

Go with your person to some of your favorite home goods stores to find the PERFECT holiday scents for your house! Are you an Apple Pie lover, or Pumpkin Latte scented candle fan? Decide together what scent you’d like your home to smell like this year!

A Forest scented candle lit on a table by match boxes.
  1. Cozy Indoor Blanket Forts

Light those candles you just bought and let’s get cozy! Level up this date night by setting aside an entire room as your pillow fort space, pin-up blankets to the corners of the room to make this pillow fort more like a pillow CAVE!

  1. Bonfire and Marshmallows

Bundle up, because we are heading outside! Grab your favorite smores making tools and some firewood because we are roasting marshmallows! Warm-up this date idea by turning on a yule log video on your TV and baking s’mores instead!

  1. Hot Cocoa Movie Marathons

Is it even Fall if you haven’t had a movie marathon with goodies and hot cocoa?

A hot mug of hot coco on top of a autumn colored blanket.
  1. Ghoulish Movie Nights

Okay – not for the faint of heart. Compile a list of all your favorite all-time horror flicks, watch as many as you can back to back as you can without checking under the bed for monsters!

Girls watching horror movie on tv sitting on couch at home
  1. Find a Spot You Can Cuddle Up For a Snuggly Hayride

Many pumpkins patches also offer hayrides! Find a local pumpkin patch and bring some blankets. 

  1. Locate a Nearby Apple Picking Farm

Freshly picked apples are so much tastier than store-bought. Grab a basket and get picking!

Woman walking through apple field with an arm full of freshly picked apples
  1. Pick out some local (or not) fairs or festivals to explore

Find the nearest fall festival to you and go all out! Try as many Fall-themed snacks as you can find!

  1. Bake an Apple Pie with your Freshly Picked Apples

Once you have gotten home from picking your tasty apples straight off the trees, head straight to the kitchen to pop those into a pie! Fall is not complete without the smell of freshly baked apple pie wafting through your kitchen!

A Beautiful freshly baked apple pie sitting on a counter top. Bowls of fruit surrounding, this pie is covered in intricately designed leaf shaped golden brown pie crust.
  1. Get Lost in a Corn Maze

Hand-in-hand, during sweater weather, and strolling through a corn maze is the dream.

  1. Paint Night at Home 

Open a bottle of wine and a fresh canvas! What else would you rather like to do with your Hunny on a cold blustery evening in Autumn? 

Couple of artist talking about painting on large canvas in art studio. Modern artwork paint on canvas, creative, contemporary.
  1. Visit a Haunted House or Walk Through a Haunted Forest

We don’t know about you, but screaming into our partner’s sweater while being chased by spooky characters in a haunted house is a big vibe.

  1. Make Caramel Apples 

We hope you saved some of those freshly picked apples because the quickest way to eat fruit is when it is covered in candy! Making your own caramel apples from home is fast and easy, and you can decorate them with common pantry items! 

A grouping of freshly made caramel apples dipped in walnuts
  1. Three Words, Apple. Cider. Donuts.

Have you ever tried apple cider donuts? They are cinnamon filled goodness that gets better with each bite! Try this recipe here to make this yummy at home treat!  

  1. Feeling Extra Classy? Bake your own Pumpkin Pie from Scratch! 

Pumpkin everything! Top reasons to make your own pumpkin pie from home: they are easy to make, they taste better than store-bought, and you can say that you made your own pumpkin pie!

Flat lay image of a slice of pumpkin pie on a plate with a dollop of whipped cream on top, all surrounded by festive gourds.
  1. Hike to Find the Most Beautiful Fall Leaves then Press them in a Book

There’s nothing like going on a chilly hike with your person. Collect some of the most beautiful leaves along the way to remember this season. Once they are dried, write your favorite quote on the leaves and frame them for easy handmade home decor.

  1. Create a Perfect Fall Dinner Menu in the Candlelight

Picture this, you come home from a long day at work. You are exhausted. You turn around from closing the door and your other half has decorated the whole room in candles and has cooked a candle-lit dinner for you both. Just saying, that would be the most romantic thing ever. 

A beautiful dinner set up in the candle light. Flowers are on the table as well as rose in wine glasses, they are on the dessert course.
  1. Crisp Morning Bike Ride to your Favorite Place

Put those scarves and beanies on, go ahead and hop on your bikes and pick the most scenic trail you can!

  1. Take a Camping Trip Before it Gets Too Cold! 

There is just something special about camping under the stars right before the season changes and the snow comes.

A Sweet little teepee with pillows and blankets overlooking a mountain-scape lake view.
  1. Watch a Handful of the Scariest Movies Ever Made! 

Not for the faint of heart, compile all your favorite spooky movies to watch with your person! Scary movies are the perfect excuse for cuddling extra close!

  1. Plan a Getaway to a Beautiful Autumn Location

Do you know those extra gorgeous locations where entire groves of trees turn colors all at the same time? That is what we are talking about! Go escape to somewhere beautiful!

Active couple on a walk in a beautiful autumn nature. A woman and man in a wheelchair by the lake in the early morning.
  1. Go Horseback Riding

If you end your horseback riding afternoon with a picnic, we are pretty sure that is a plot from a Hallmark movie. 

  1. Rent out a Movie Viewing in Theaters for the Ultimate Romantic Movie Night

Some movie theaters allow you to rent out an entire movie screening for small parties. If you’d like to surprise your partner, go big! 

  1. Stay Snuggled in Bed all Weekend Long

The easiest and most lazy way to spend a day, absolutely, but still one of our favorite ways for you to bond with your partner!

Men cuddling in bed
  1. Attend a Football Game

Tailgating is a classic Autumn move! Grab your date and root for your favorite team!

  1. Create some Homemade Autumn Home Decor

Cut out some bats, or leaves, or take on a more complex crafting project! Maybe even building wreaths like these for each new season can become a new tradition!

arts and crafts including cutting bats out from black stock paper
  1. Couples Massage

Honestly, who doesn’t want to relax with a couple’s massage? Extra points if you give each other the massages! 

  1. Get Couples Portraits Taken in your Beanies and Scarves

Taking photos is important for anyone who wants to remember what seasons have come and gone, and all the growth you have seen in your relationship! Surprise the other with a photography session and frame those new pictures in your home.

Happy lovely African American couple spending time at fall park, girl hugging guy from behind
  1. Hot Air Balloon Ride Over Turning Trees

The best place to be to see the leaves changing is with a birds-eye view!

  1. Stay in and Exclusively Watch Old Home Movies

You know the ones, those old recorded videos of you picking your nose or throwing a tantrum in public? Now is the perfect time to stay in and giggle with your partner!

A Couple smiling as they sit on the couch watching television
  1. Take a Ghost Tour

If you’re up for a few happy haunts, do some research on nearby spooky spots that you and your Hunny can go visit!

  1. Rent a Cabin AirBnB in the Mountains 

If you want an extra dose of dreamy, take a mini-vacation to a gorgeous AirBnB of your choice!

Landscape with cabins next to a lake
  1. Attend a Drive-In

Don’t worry! You don’t have to brave the chill of the night to see this movie, you can stay in the car with your blankets and cocoa! Research if there are any drive-ins near you!

  1. Read a Great Book Together

Take turns choosing a title! You can either read out loud to your partner, or you can both enjoy each other’s company and read quietly your own copies. 

a flat lay image of a book on a white surface, cup of coffee close by
  1. Take the Train to a Place You’ve Never Been

Autumn is the perfect time to take the scenic route wherever you’re headed. 

  1. Decorate the House for Halloween Together

Maybe all you need is a simple evening at home doing the things you would normally do individually, together.

a entry way of a home where the stairs up to the door are festively decorated with Halloween décor, spider webs, and pumpkins of all shapes and  sizes.
  1. Visit an Escape Room

You can maybe even find an escape room that has virtual options if you would rather stay home!

  1. Take a Cooking Class

Is there a more romantic way to tell your partner you love them than cooking them a lovely meal? The Sixth Love Language has to include food, right?

Close-up of man putting pepper on dough for future pizza with woman cutting vegetables in the background
  1. Host a Double Date Game Night

If you’d rather spend your date night with others, host an at-home date night, include us if you want to level up your next date night! 

  1. Adopt a Cuddly New Fur Baby to Snuggle

If this is a step you and your family are ready to make, stop at your local animal shelter to gain a new furry family member this holiday season!

young couple walking a dog in colorful sunny autumn forest
  1. Take a Day Trip to Somewhere Special

Maybe your “somewhere special” place is your honeymoon location, or maybe it is your favorite restaurant, the sky is the limit on this one! 

  1. Go Wine Tasting

Kick back and relax with your person while checking out some nearby wineries.

  1. Take a Carriage Ride

If your town offers carriage rides around the town square, now would be the perfect time to look into that!

  1. Grab a PSL

If you haven’t gotten one already… You now its Pumpkin Spice Season, right?

a ghoulish ghostly figure in latte art, placed on a table surrounded by leaves.
  1. Play Tourist in Your Own Town

What are some of the main attractions in your city? Take some time to Google them and take your boo on a local adventure!

  1. Coffee Shop Hop

Whatever coffee shops your town has to offer, check their hours, and plan an ultimate coffee shop hopping experience. Get your favorite drinks from each shop! And in the process, you are also supporting small businesses!


We know that this list can go on forever, but we are going to stop there. Any time spent with your partner is always a great time, no matter what activity you’re doing, right? By keeping your time with one another intentional, any Autumn activities will be so much fun!

Are you in desperate need of a date night? Try one of our boxes! Each month is a brand new, super unique theme!

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