5 Ways to Turn Football into Date Night!

5 Ways to Turn Football into Date Night!

Find a new recipe for dinner and football date night

The most important factor in all of these options is finding a way to do something together. Find a new recipe, and create a romantic dinner together for two. Plan it out so you can sit down to enjoy your dish just as the game is about to start. At halftime, make a quick dessert for the third quarter.

This idea is great for a Thursday or Monday night game because it adds a little romance to an otherwise routine weeknight. Want a challenge? Find a recipe for a cuisine that is popular in one of team’s regions. For example, if you are watching New Orleans, trying making some jambalaya. Getting ready to watch Cincinnati? Try whipping up some chili with spaghetti (we’ve heard it’s a thing).

Go see a game live

Whether it’s a nearby professional team or a local university, there’s nothing like watching a game live! The roar of the crowd. The cotton candy. The chance of winning an air cannon T-shirt! Mix all of that with the excitement of football and you have a wonderful date opportunity! Snap some photos and create some memorable times at the stadium.

Although there are tons of ticket sites out there. SeatGeek is a great site that allows you to find the perfect seats for your game!

Create a romantic wager

Even if you are not the biggest football fan, there is always some fun in winning. The next time you sit down to watch a game, place a little bet with your significant other on the outcome of the game or on the group of games that day. Decide what the winner gets or what the loser must do (plan a romantic date, make dinner, lip sync Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” in your honor). Just think of the opportunities.

This idea is great because it gives a reason to watch all of the game or games together, especially if you put some fantastic winnings on the line. Even if you end up losing, you will get the opportunity to do something special for your partner, which is what date night is all about!

Pizza, football, and movie night

We call this one the triple-threat. Pizza, most likely the greatest invention known to man. Football, an excellent source of entertainment. Movie night, a classic date opportunity. Add them all together and you have a great way to spend some time together. Combine this idea with a wager to see who gets to pick the movie or you can even find a recipe to make your own pizza for even more football date night combinations!

Turn it into a weekend getaway

If you are looking for even more romance, turn going to watch a game into a weekend getaway. Find a destination city you both have always wanted to go to, find a game that is nearby, and make the plans! One day of football followed by a romantic dinner at a local restaurant, and one full day of sightseeing (or beach laying depending where you end up on your vacay).

We created Crated with Love on the idea that taking the time to reconnect and strengthen our bond with our partner helps create a lifelong The easiest (and most fun) way of doing that is taking our personal interests and creating moments we can share together. Watching football is no exception! Have another way to create a football date? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!

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