5 Things to Bring on Your Next Beach Date

5 Things to Bring on Your Next Beach Date

Who doesn’t love the beach? It’s warm, the wind is blowing in your face, you hear the ocean tides rolling in. It’s the perfect spot for a nice, relaxing date! Now, you can’t just go to the beach willy nilly. Ok, well, you can, but to make the most of it you should bring along a few items. Here are 5 things you should bring to your next beach date!

Circle of sunscreen on leg with heart drawn inside of it

1. Sunscreen

Seems obvious but let’s face it, we’ve all had that moment where we think we can out-tough the sun. Picture this, you have a wonderful day at the beach and are about to have a romantic moment watching the sun set over the horizon. You go to kiss your loved one when suddenly you feel the back of your shoulder throbbing from the effects of the maleficent sun. Mood killed. Ideally, a successful beach date can lead to even more romantic moments in the future, the last thing you want is to be hindered by burns. Be safe and cover up.

Wooden sunglasses on blue towel at the beach

2. A large towel

Remember sand? It has a magical way of getting everywhere! Nothing ruins a romantic beach picnic more than those tiny grains making their way into your food. Plus, let’s face it, once even a tiny bit of those infernal morsels enter your potato salad, it’s just flat out ruined. Remember, the beach has all the romance you need, all you need to do protect yourself against the things that can mess it up.

Blue umbrella covering items at the beach

3. An umbrella or canopy

Similar to number 2, this item’s main purpose is to defend against the forces of nature whose sole purpose is to ruin your date. The wind on a beach is unpredictable and can stealthily blow sand all over you, your loved one, and all of your possessions. What can ruin a romantic kiss? A face full of hair and sand.

Stack of beach bags with words and designs on them

4. A waterproof case or lockable bag

Playing in the water with your significant other can be a romantic spark unlike any other. The physical contact will release oxytocin, boosting the connection between you and your loved one. The sun’s rays mixed with actively chasing each other through the waves can increase serotonin in your body, making you each happier. Sounds like the perfect way to create romance. You know what kills the mood? Getting your stuff jacked. If you are venturing to the beach as a couple and you have to bring your phone or other valuables, make sure you take the necessary precautions to protect your belongings. Your date will go to 100 to 0 real quick if you don’t, and let’s be honest, every criminal ever knows to check the insides of your shoes first.

Football on grass field

5. Something to play with

Seem a little misplaced? Think again. This single item can transform your beach date unlike anything else. Let me explain.  One of the most important ingredients to a perfect date is personal interaction. If used properly, a game of catch or volleyball can break the ice and promote a more intimate beach date experience.

You can bring a beach ball, a football, water guns, a volleyball, etc. You can pretty much use anything that get you moving and interacting with each other.

Want more great memories?

A day at the beach can be a perfect way to increase the romance in your relationship and can even take it to the next level if you can minimize the risks and maximize the intimacy. For a romantic date night in, check out Crated with Love’s date night boxes!

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