19 Games for the Perfect Date Night

19 Games for the Perfect Date Night

Getting tired of the typical movie night for date night? It happens to all of us. After all, life gets tough. After we’ve taken care of all our responsibilities and chores, we’re spent. Needless to say, not all of us are in the date planning mood, so when date night comes around, it’s easy to grab a microwaved meal, lay down, and browse Netflix until we find something.

Not to worry, that’s why we’re here to make your next date night a little more exciting! Here’s a list of some of our favorite games you can incorporate into or even base your entire date night around!

At home date night games

Act out your favorite movie scenes

What’s better than watching a movie? Being your own movie! Act out movie scenes together. Bonus points if you dress up as the characters.

Lights out!

Wait until it gets dark and pretend the electricity just went out! To make this a little more fun, pretend you’re in a horror movie and are trying to get out without being noticed by the bad guy!


A classic game of charades is perfect for couples that like to laugh and express themselves. Plus, no prep necessary!

Play 20 Questions

Another classic. Take turns trying to guess what the other is thinking. To make it more romantic, pick things that are related to your relationship, such as the place where your first kiss was, where you got engaged, or what they got you for your birthday.

Have a indoor or backyard picnic

Make some delicious sandwiches and grab some snacks. Light up some candles and eat together with no other distractions.

Laugh together!

Few things can bring people closer together than laughing until your stomachs hurt and you have tears running down your face. Pull up a list of funny puns or jokes and read them out loud together!

Make s’mores

You don’t need a bonfire to make s’mores. Fire up the stove or fireplace and get to it!

Date night games on the road

I Spy – couples edition

We all remember I Spy from when we were kids. Now it’s time to put a little twist in it. You have to choose something that is in some way related to your relationship. After the other player guesses correctly, the “spy” has to explain why it reminded him or her of their relationship.

Guess the song

There are two ways you can play this game. One, take turns singing or humming a song and see how long it takes your partner to guess which song it is. Two, turn on the radio station and see who can scream out the name of the song first. Make sure to sing the rest of the song out loud together!

Make a story

Have one person start a story with a sentence. Take turns adding one sentence at a time to create the goofiest, wackiest story you can! For an additional challenge, alternate every word instead of sentence!

Would you rather

Try to come up with the craziest scenarios you can think of. The harder the decision, the better!

Truth or lie, story edition

We all know the classic “2 Truths 1 Lie” game. Let’s put a little spin on it. Tell a story to your partner, and he or she has to guess whether it’s a true story or you just made it up. After you guess, have your partner tell a story and you guess if it’s true or made up.

2 Player card games

Most of these will be too complicated to explain one or two sentences, so we’ll just link to the instructions. 🙂

Go Fish






Uno for dos!

Double date games

Laser tag

Team up for a fun and active 2 vs 2 date night!

Mini golf

A lot of couples play mini golf as a fun and (sometimes) relaxed date night. But did you know you can turn this into a double date? Team up with your partner and compete against another couple!

Play a competitive video game

If you have a console with multiple controllers, play a competitive, multiplayer game such as Mario Kart or Rocket League. See which couple comes out on top!

Play board games

Board games are fun for all games, whether it’s 2 players or 10. Open that old Monopoly set and see who can dominate the board!


Date night can easily be made into so much more than Netflix and snacks! Try any of these games for your next date night. Add your own rules and twists to make it a little more unique! If you still need a little bit of extra inspiration for your next date night, check out our list of at-home date night ideas! Happy Dating! ❤️

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