16 of the Best Quarantine Date Night Ideas

16 of the Best Quarantine Date Night Ideas

It’s no secret this quarantine is taking quite a bit out of us. It’s especially straining on our relationships. Everything that’s not a grocery store seems to be closed, even public spaces like parks. So what is there left to do besides opening up Netflix again?

The good news? There’s actually a ton of fun little date nights you can have right in your living room! We’ll go over some of our favorites in this post!

Learn More About Each Other

Take advantage of the fact that we’re isolating ourselves from the outside world to learn more about your partner. Ask deep questions, talk about your dreams, what’s been on your mind lately, what they would change about the world.

Play Truth or Dare

It’s time to feel like kids again! Get ready to play a round of Truth or Dare. Have fun with it and get silly!

Play Co-op Games Together

Most of us have some sort of gaming device at home. Especially if you have children in the house. Find a co-op game that looks fun and start playing! This will not only teach you to work together, but it’ll also make you bond when you overcome challenges by putting your minds together.

Make Each Other Laugh

Did you know you can make an entire date night out of laughing? Oftentimes, the times when we are laughing so hard we can barely breathe are the times we feel the closest and happiest. Take turns telling jokes and seeing who can make each other laugh the hardest.

For a little extra challenge, take turns telling jokes while the other person tries not to laugh. If one person laughs, the other gets a point!

Get a Date Night Delivered

Get a date night delivered right to your home with a date night box subscription! Every month is a new theme with a new adventure to enjoy together. Not only do you get everything you need in the box, but most of the time it’s much cheaper than a night out in town.

“Go” to a Concert

Going to a concert is obviously off-limits right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t “go” to a concert! Look for a full concert on YouTube of a band or artist you and your partner would both love to go to. Once you find one, put on appropriate outfits and get in the zone! Sing out loud, jump around, pretend you’re actually there!

Create Art

You don’t have to be a great artist to create art. Grab some paper and pencils (or pens, or markers, or crayons…), and draw something together! You can draw pictures individually and compare afterwards, or draw a picture together and see what you can come up with.

Exercise Together

We know exercise isn’t the first thing that comes most people’s minds when they think of “fun.” But let’s be honest, most of us haven’t been keeping up with our fitness routines lately. Find a good workout routine online and follow it along together! The endorphins your bodies release after will make it worth it!

Have a Virtual Double Date

Know another couple that’s itching for a date night in this quarantine? Start a video call and play a game together! Do any of these date night ideas while on video call and it’ll be like a real double date! Bonus points if you cast your call to a big screen so it feels even more like they’re there while keeping up with social distancing!

Exercise Your Brain With Riddles

Look up some riddles online. Read one out loud and see which one of you can solve it first! Mark down a point for whoever answers with the right answer first and move on to the next riddle! Here’s a link to a website full of great riddles that doesn’t show the answer until you’re both ready!

Play Board Games

This is a classic date night. Almost every couple can find a game they enjoy. The best part? You don’t have to have the physical game! Load up a game on your phone, tablet, or computer and get ready to win!

Solve a Puzzle

If you have an old puzzle laying around that you never finished, open it up and get to work! Or if you do have a puzzle that’s already solved, break it apart and start again!

Have a Spa Night

Another classic date night. Get comfortable and give each other massages. Light up some candles and put soft music in the back to make it feel more like you’re at a fancy spa.

Cook a Romantic Dinner

While we’re on the topic of classic date nights, we can’t leave out a romantic dinner! Cook up something that makes both your mouths water, pour some drinks, and enjoy it together.

Hide and Seek With a Twist

Our homes aren’t usually the best places to play hide and seek, which is why we’re adding a little twist to it! Whoever is searching for the other has to wear a blindfold. Once every 30 seconds, the seeker can request the person hiding make a sound. This will be how you try to find each other. But remember, you can’t take off the blindfold!

Stargaze in the Backyard

One of the benefits of everyone staying inside is the reduction in air pollution. Take advantage of this to get a clearer look at the stars. Lay out a blanket and try to find constellations together.


Date night was already hard enough before most places got locked down. Now we have to get extra creative, but that creativity is what makes the most memorable date nights. It’s the times we spent laughing and bonding over silly jokes or games that bring us much closer together than going to a fancy restaurant and spending way too much to eat while surrounded by strangers. Who knows. Maybe you’ll end up preferring date night at home over going out after this crazy time is over!

Start enjoying date night at home!

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