14 Easy Mini-Dates That Are Perfect for When You're Stuck at Home

14 Easy Mini-Dates That Are Perfect for When You're Stuck at Home

Not being able to leave the house except for necessities can drive even the sanest person mad. It feels like there’s nothing to do! As if having date night wasn’t already hard enough, everything fun is closed! Not to worry, we have the perfect solution! Mini-dates!

What is a mini-date?

A mini-date refers to a date that is designed to be much shorter and often less expensive than a regular date. Mini-dates can be a good way to reconnect with your partner when you have some amount of time or energy, but not enough to plan a full date.

A mini-date isn’t much different than a normal date. In fact, we’d dare to say it is a normal date for most couples! With that said, let’s dive into some of our favorite mini-dates!

1. Play Board Games

Always a classic. Board games are one of the go-to date nights for a lot of busy couples. Dust off the old monopoly box and get to work!

2. Draw Fake Tattoos on Each Other

Grab a marker (or a few if you want to do color) and go crazy on each other! Best part of being stuck at home? No one will see your “tattoos”!

3. In-Home Picnic

Yes, picnics are usually done outside, but they don’t have to be! Grab some snacks, make some sandwiches, and lay out a nice blanket over your living room floor!

4. Learn a New Skill Together

With how much information is out on the internet, learning a new skill is as simple as a Google or YouTube search! Look for something simple that you both want to learn and see who can learn it first!

5. Exercise Together

We know this isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when we think of “fun,” but exercise is extremely important to your mental health. Especially when you’re cooped up inside all day. Follow a yoga video or at-home routine together every day.

6. Build Your Own Mini-Golf Course

Messy house? Toys laying around? Even better! Think of them as pre-built obstacles. Grab anything that can be used as a golf club, such as a broom, a mop, or a strangely long spatula, and a random ball shaped object around the house. Build your own golf holes and see who can get the best score!

7. Have an Art Contest

This mini-date is great when you don’t have much available and don’t want to plan anything. Just grab some paper and pencils and draw. See who can come up with the best or funniest drawing.

8. Stargaze

Set up a blanket in your backyard at night and watch the stars. With everyone staying at home and less cars being on the road, the stars should be much clearer than a normal night.

9. Build a pillow fort

We all did this as kids. The simple joy of setting up a bunch of pillows, blankets, and chairs to create our own hideout. Recreate this on a much larger scale. Build the biggest, best pillow fort you’ve ever seen in your life.

10. Give Each Other Massages

Who doesn’t enjoy a good massage every once in a while? Take turns giving each other massages.

11. Conversation Starters

Go through some of our conversation starters and get talking!

12. Sing Your Favorite Songs

You don’t have to be the best singers to have fun. Play some of your favorite songs and go wild.

13. Create One Word Stories

Take turns saying one word each to create a story together.

14. Relax!

This one seems simple enough, but we usually don’t take enough time to just sit back and relax. Especially in these stressful times, we’re probably caught up in all the bad news. Take a step back, put on some comfy clothes, make some hot chocolate, and relax!


Having to be home shouldn’t be the end of date night. In fact, it should push you to be more creative with your dates! We listed some of our favorite mini-date ideas that don’t require a lot of materials or time. Perfect for these turbulent times!

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