100 Date Night Ideas - The Ultimate List

100 Date Night Ideas - The Ultimate List

Never run out of date night ideas ever again, here are 100 of our best date night ideas! That is over a year's worth of weekly date nights!

  1. Go bowling.

  2. Go thrift store shopping.

  3. Go play frisbee golf.

  4. Go see a comedy show.

  5. Go to Build-A-Bear.

  6. Go get frozen yogurt.

  7. Get a date night in a box.

  8. Play mini-golf.

  9. Go shopping.

  10. Go on a scavenger hunt together.

  11. Go to a museum.

  12. Take a scenic drive.

  13. Go to a park.

  14. Volunteer somewhere.

  15. Play laser tag.

  16. Go to a painting class.

  17. Go go-cart racing.

  18. Go hiking on a nature trail.

  19. Go on a double date with friends.

  20. Make dinner together.

  21. Go stargazing.

  22. Go on a picnic.

  23. Sing karaoke.

  24. Go to an arcade.

  25. Grab ice cream.

  26. Visit an international grocery store.

  27. Go roller skating.

  28. Take a pottery class.

  29. Go visit a family member.

  30. Make a DIY project.

  31. Go to a concert.

  32. Play basketball.

  33. Go swimming.

  34. Go to the lake.

  35. Have a campfire.

  36. Travel to see a national monument.

  37. Play volleyball.

  38. Go to the batting cages.

  39. Write each other a poem.

  40. Go to the library.

  41. Go for a walk.

  42. Browse an antique store.

  43. Go on a river cruise.

  44. Go to an amusement park.

  45. Have a photoshoot.

  46. Go eat at a restaurant you’ve never eaten at before.

  47. Go to a coffee shop.

  48. Break out the board games.

  49. Go see a movie.

  50. Run a marathon.

  51. Go on a bike ride.

  52. Take a canoe trip.

  53. Go to a driving range.

  54. Go on a Segway tour.

  55. Go to a build-your-own-pizza bar.

  56. Sit down and ask each other questions.

  57. Play Mad Libs.

  58. Go to a shooting range.

  59. Play tennis.

  60. Play ping pong.

  61. Check out local shops.

  62. Bake cookies together.

  63. Go to a water park.

  64. Participate in an open-mic night.

  65. Go to a craft fair.

  66. Take a foreign language class.

  67. Go berry picking.

  68. Go to the zoo.

  69. Go to a bakery or cupcake shop.

  70. Go on a train ride.

  71. Go horseback riding.

  72. Go to an art festival.

  73. Go to a renaissance fair.

  74. Go ice skating.

  75. Go to a play.

  76. Go to a candy-making factory.

  77. Go to a food festival.

  78. Workout together.

  79. Have a barbecue.

  80. Host a dinner party for friends.

  81. Make your own ice cream.

  82. Go to a Farmer’s Market

  83. Go to a wildlife reserve.

  84. Go to a science center.

  85. Go to a ballet.

  86. Go to the circus.

  87. Go to a 3-D movie.

  88. Visit a tea room.

  89. Go to an escape room challenge.

  90. Make a scrapbook.

  91. Go to a college or professional sports game.

  92. Go to an aquarium.

  93. Go to a trivia night.

  94. Hot air ballooning

  95. Visit a scenic point.

  96. Visit a new town.

  97. Get matching tattoos.

  98. Go to a plant nursery.

  99. Go to an animal shelter.

  100. Go to a trampoline park.

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