Zombily Bonus Content

Zombily Bonus Content

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Date Night Challenge: Conflicting Strips

Traveling through a zombie infested, post-apocalyptic landscape, you never know what obstacles you may face. So, to get you ready, we’ve created a little game for you to play called “Conflicting Strips”.

Using the button below, download and print out our Conflicting Strips document. It comprises of 10 conflicting scenarios. Cut the strips out, fold them up, and place them in a cup. This game is more fun if you don’t know what the strips say, so the first page includes blank squares and the second includes the conflicts. We suggest printing with your “dual side” settings so you can cut out the strips without reading them.

Whenever you want a little spontaneity in your day, draw a strip in the morning. Each strip will give you a conflict you both must conqueror together. Some challenges will be simple and others might be a little harder. Your job is to work together to resolve them!



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    Family Date Night: Zombily - Family Version

    Ages: 10+

    Number of Players: 3+

    Gameplay: 30+ minutes



    Be the player with the most points at the end of the game by completing zombies.


    Set up:

    Take all the zombie body part cards and action cards and throw them in a large bowl, mixing them up.

    Have each player draw 5 random cards from the bowl, keeping them hidden from all the other players.


    How to play:

    Choose one person to go first. On their turn, they can do one of five options:

    1. They can draw one new card from the bowl, discarding one card from their hand (if over 5 cards), face up, to the discard pile.
    2. They may take the top card of the discard (if there are any), discarding one card from their hand, face up, to the discard pile.
    3. They may play an action card. Action cards are placed back into the bowl once completed.
    4. They may play a completed zombie in front of them (yelling out, “ZOMBILY!”)
    5. If they have a zombie played in front of them, they can swap or replace body parts with one from their hand.

    Once one of the options above has been performed, their turn ends and the player to their left goes next.

    Your objective is to collect one of each zombie body part card to play it in front of you. If a player places a full zombie in front of them, they must yell out “ZOMBILY!” and all the cards in the discard pile are reshuffled into the bowl.

    The game ends when one player has completed three full zombies.


    Winning the game:

    Players earn points based on the type of zombies in front of them.

    You earn 1 point if you have a mismatched zombie.

    You earn 3 points if you have a mismatched zombie with all the same colored background.

    You earn 5 points if you have a complete zombie of the same zombie type played in front of you.

    This means that 1 complete zombie beats 3 mismatched zombies, so be strategic when playing zombie. You may not want the game to end if you are behind in the score.

    The player with the most points at the end of the game wins.


    Adapting from the date night version:

    - Because you are using cards from the two-player game, you may need to adapt some of the language on the action cards.

    - In the family version, “gameboard” refers to the zombies played in front of each player.

    - If you see “partner” on an action card, replace it with “opponent”.

    - If you have an action card that you can play to your “gameboard” it is placed in front of you. If it is a card that protects you from another action card, it must be placed back into the bowl after one protection. 

    - Since you are not playing with individual body part decks (and not using the die), if an action card requires a player to look through a deck, that means they can look through the bowl and pick a card based on the action.

    - You can also ignore the prompts on the back of each body part card, but make sure to still keep the card hidden from other players so they don’t know what is in your hand.


    And that’s about it! Feel free to adjust the rules based on your experience and have fun!


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