Written in the Stars Bonus Content

Written in the Stars Bonus Content

Written in the Stars Playlist

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Challenge One: The Perfect Gift

What to do:

This challenge is simple: get your partner a gift. Well, it's not that easy. We do have some twists for you. Firstly, you can only use the gift guide cheat sheet you created on your Written in the Stars date night as inspiration.

Secondly, instead of getting many items, you must try and create one gift that marks off as many of the different options on your list as possible. We will let you get creative with how you each define that. You can either go the gift basket approach or find a way to combine your partner's answers into one awesome gift.

You can also be as subtle as you want to be. FFor example, if one of your partner's gift ideas is "boots," instead of getting real boots, maybe you can include some boot stickers. Get creative with your gift!

The person that can mark off the most ideas on the cheat sheet wins!

Lastly, you each must spend less than $100, creating this perfect gift. Or, for more of a challenge, keep it under $50!

Why are we doing this?

Seems strange, right? Why would it more beneficial to get one hodgepodge of a gift for my partner instead of one thing they may actually use? We get it.

Suppose you are signed up for our Digital Date Night emails. In that case, you know that in December, we are talking about gift-giving and the true intentions behind getting your significant other presents.

Sometimes it's not about the physical gift itself, but rather the thought and attention behind the gift. Maybe you cannot get your partner that perfect pair of boots yet, but the stickers you included can show your partner that you listen to them.

With this activity, you are challenged to think through some of the things that your partner would enjoy and try and mash them all together. It's easy to press click and order them something but think of the time and energy you'll put into making that perfect gift. That intentional time you're spending focused solely on creating something special for your partner is powerful.


Challenge Two: Backs to the Drawing Board

What you’ll need: Colored Pencils, Blank Paper, Smartphone

What to do:

Decide who is Player One and who is Player Two. Have each player click below and download their respective Backs to the Drawing Board file. Each player will be given 5 images.

Start by having Player One sit at the table with their colored pencils and a blank piece of paper. Player Two must then stand behind Player One and pull up their first image. Using just their finger, they must draw the picture on Player One’s back. Player Two cannot speak or look at what their partner is drawing. They must also try and get their partner to use the same colors as the image suggests.

Hint: This challenge requires strong communication skills. Just because you can’t talk during drawing doesn’t mean you can’t create a gameplan before to help you each!

After each drawing, show your partner what you’ve drawn! Then, switch roles. Continue until you each have drawn all 5 designs. After each round, talk with your partner to see how you can improve in the next round.

For some more hilarity, take a video of the image and your partner drawing it to share on social media (tag us at @cratedwithlove, and we will share it on our story)!




Challenge Three: Dueling Dragons Part II

What to do:

Take out your Dueling Dragons card deck and shuffle them. Before bed, have each person draw four of those cards. They then must do the challenges and come up with a sentence about your relationship that includes the words on the cards' backs. If you can complete the challenges and create the sentence, keep your cards on your nightstand or figure out some other way to keep them organized so you know which pile is yours and which is your partner's.

Keep doing this every night until all cards are gone. You'll notice that there are point totals in the corner of each card. Once the deck is gone, count up your total points from the cards you collected throughout the week. The person with the most points wins a date night planned by the other!

Here's the twist: if you don't do the challenge or cannot come up with a sentence including all the words, whichever cards are not used, go back in the deck for another night.


Challenge Four: Commemorating Crafts

What to do:

On a piece of paper, each write down 5-10 different moments from the past year that positively impacted your relationship. Yes, 2020 has been a confusing and challenging year for everyone, making this activity even more important.

It doesn’t matter how big or small the event was, so long as it shows how your relationship progressed in some way. You can even use difficult circumstances in which you both showed great resolve, working together to get through it.

Once you each have your list, come together, and share what you have put down. What events did you write that were the same? Which ones were different? Together, talk through your moments and choose ONE that you both think had the most impact. Again, don’t focus on the “size” of the moment, but rather on its impact on your relationship. For example, you might have gone on a week-long vacation, but if the walk through the park you took one night was a more intimate and moving experience, choose the walk.

When you have your moment, visit your local craft store and figure out some way to commemorate that moment. It could be a painting of the moment, a DIY project that, in some way, illustrates the importance, or anything else you can think of. We are keeping this vague for a reason.

Thinking about how to best commemorate the moment forces you to think through that moment on a deeper level. The only rule is the craft must be something you can do together.

Finally, choose a “craft night” where you and your partner can create your commemorating craft for 2020!

Why are we doing this?

Even in the most challenging and stressful times, there are moments where you and your partner can grow. In fact, sometimes, these trying events can create the most opportunities for growth!

Plus, it’s important to see the light, the bright parts of your relationship that shine through even the darkest moments with all that stress and negativity. Cherishing those times can help strengthen your relationship to help you get through the next challenge.


Family Date Night Activity: Family Give Back

What to do:

As a family, come up with one thing you can all do together to help give back to another family in need. That could be creating a care package, starting a small food or toy drive in your local community, or even just committing to hopping on a Zoom call to chat. 

Turn this idea into a family date night by spending a night planning your event or gift. Make signs, draw pictures, bake cookies, or do whatever you need to make this the best give back gift ever! 

Why are we doing this?

This month’s date was all about recognizing and appreciating the moment in our lives that have come together to create a strong relationship. We wanted you to focus on the special events that stand out. This activity allows you to be that special event for another family!

In these weird and stressful times, those signs of affection are that much more critical, and even the smallest of things can make a big difference to those who need it.


Date Night Dessert Recipe: Aurora Peppermint Bark

Letters from the Founders:

Just in time for the holidays, we wanted to do a northern lights spin on a traditionally winter dessert: peppermint bark. We have two sets of instructions for you this month - one for the snowflake mold and one for the traditional cookie sheet. Enjoy!

<3 Michelle and Tyler
Founders, Crated with Love

 aurora peppermint bark snowflakes



To start, decide whether you will be using the cookie sheet or the snowflake mold. Your decision will affect the order of instructions. 

Cookie Sheet Instructions:

Melt your dark chocolate in a medium bowl in the microwave for about a minute and a half (stopping every 30 seconds to stir until smooth). Mix in your crushed candy canes to taste.

Place a piece of parchment paper over the cookie sheet. Spread the melted dark chocolate over the cookie sheet and place in the fridge for 10 minutes.

While the dark chocolate is cooling, melt your white chocolate in 30-second intervals, mixing after each until smooth. Add in your peppermint extract and your dark blue food coloring.

In three separate bowls, melt and mix your colored candy melts until smooth. 

Take the cookie sheet out of the fridge and spread your dark blue mixture evenly over the dark chocolate layer. 

While the blue chocolate is still melted, drizzle your different colored candy melts over the top with a fork. Use a toothpick to swirl the colors slightly (resembling the northern lights).

Place the cookie sheet back in the fridge for 30 minutes or until the bark is fully hardened. Then, break into pieces and serve!

Silicone Snowflake Mold Instructions:

In three separate bowls, melt and mix your colored candy melts until smooth. With a fork, drizzle the candy melts in each snowflake mold and swirl resembling the northern lights—Harden in the fridge for 5 to 10 minutes.

While the candy melts are cooling, melt your white chocolate in 30-second intervals, mixing after each until smooth. Add in your peppermint extract and your dark blue food coloring.

Take the snowflake mold out of the fridge and spread your dark blue mixture evenly over the candy melt swirls. Place back in the fridge for 10 minutes.

Melt your dark chocolate in a medium bowl in the microwave for about a minute and a half (stopping every 30 seconds to stir until smooth). Mix in your crushed candy canes to taste.

Take the snowflake mold out and pour in your dark chocolate so that it gives a thin layer. Tap the mold on the counter several times until completely flat. Place back in the fridge for 30 minutes.

Once cooled, take your snowflakes out of the mold and serve!


Relationship Focus: Creating Legendary Moments

Just like the northern lights, your relationship is built on thousands of small, moving pieces that come together to form a beautiful display. From the first date to your last date night in, there have been millions of moments in between that have helped shape your bond.

No matter how dark the night sky is or how difficult things may get, you’ll always have these moments to reflect back upon. 

Take the time to collect and appreciate these legendary moments together!

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