Whole Latte Love Bonus Content

Whole Latte Love Bonus Content

Whole Latte Love Date Night Playlist

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Date Night Challenge: One Sugar, Or Two?

Play this game next time you and your partner are out for coffee!

Take three different packets of sugar or sugar substitutes and place them in an empty (and dry) cup.

Choose one color to represent “Truth,” one color to represent “Dare,” and one color to represent “Kiss.”

Take turns blindly drawing a packet. Depending on which one you draw, your partner gets to either ask you a “Truth” question about your relationship, give you a “Dare” to in some way express your love or gets one “Kiss” from you. The first person to reach ten kisses wins the game!

If you’re playing this challenge in public, don’t be too dastardly with
your dares!


    Featured Recipe Challenge: Whole Latte Love Dinner Challenge

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    Café Movie List

    Want to add an café-themed movie to your date night? Check out some recommendations as well as where to stream them!

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