The Honolulu Heist Bonus Content

The Honolulu Heist Bonus Content

The Honolulu Heist Date Night Playlist

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Need some hints to solve the Honolulu Heist?

Click below to view hints for this crime scene box. Warning! Spoilers are included in the hints, so only use if you need to!



Date Night Challenge: Perfect Vacation Vision Board

With your partner, head to a local grocery store you know has a wide range of magazines. Pick out two or three travel magazines (HERE is a list of some top ones). Find some one-on-one time over the next week and create a vision board for your perfect vacation.

You’ll need a blank piece of paper, some glue, and a pair of scissors. Go through each magazine and cut out some images or words that best describe your perfect getaway. You can do this together or create individual boards.

When you are finished, share and talk about your boards. Why did you choose the images you did? What is the overall theme of your perfect vacation?


Why are we doing this?

Sure, we have Pinterest and Instagram and all these digital ways to store what we enjoy, but there is something about physically looking at something you’ve created. Creating this vacation vision board will help you identify some of the things you value the most out of a vacation. Maybe you choose the beach because it is peaceful and warm. Maybe you cut out a photo of the Grand Canyon because you like an adventure. There is a lot to learn about your partner beyond the destination.

Once you identify some of these reasons, try and create a date you can do from home or without leaving town to try and emulate the same emotions. You may not be able to go to the beach, but could you find a park with a pond to relax with your partner? The Grand Canyon maybe be a little too out of the way, but is there a local trail you can explore with your partner?


Featured Recipe Challenge: The Crime Scene Pizza

Here is a crime scene twist to everyone's favorite date night - pizza and a movie!

Choose one person to plan a date night first. They must go out and get (or make at home) a pizza for the date - of course with an added twist.

First, think of a very special moment in your relationship. Then, come up with 3-5 pizza toppings that could be seen as clues to help describe that moment.

In addition, come up with 3-5 snacks, drinks, or small items that can also be used as clues.

Finally, come up with a movie idea that is in some way representative of the moment you are thinking of.

Put all those things together and plan a pizza and movie date night for your partner.

Using all the clues, your partner must come up with the moment you are thinking of.

Once they discover the moment, it will be their turn to plan a date night for you using the same instructions!

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