Summer of Love Bonus Content

Summer of Love Bonus Content

Summer of Love Playlist

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Date Night Challenge: Beach Ball Convos

Take out the tie-dye beach ball included in your Summer of Love box to play this bonus date-night activity together! Game play is super simple, are you ready?
Whomever has the ball first, must share something they love about the other person and then throw the ball to them. That person then shares something they love about the other and throws it back! Rinse. Repeat! But wait, this is where things start to get interesting… check out the variations below to keep the love in the air! 
  1. Share favorite memories you have together. 
  2. Share dreams you have for your future together (this week, this summer, five years, forever!) 
  3. Share ideas you have for your next date night. 
  4. Share your favorite stories from previous summers. 
  5. Share your biggest fears for the year ahead. 
  6. Share something you think the other person doesn’t know about you yet! 
  7. Share a joke and try to make your partner laugh
  8. Make only sounds as you pass the ball - the first to laugh loses! 
Create your own variations and enjoy your Summer of Love together! 


Featured Recipe: Rainbow Sangria

rainbow sangria recipe


Recipe inspired by: Gimme Some Oven


- 1 chilled bottle of dry white wine (or sparking white grape juice for virgin option)

- 3 Tbsp. of granulated sugar

- 2 Tbsp. of lime juice

- 8 cups of diced fruit (see challenge below)

- 1/2 cup of ginger ale


First, with your partner, head to the store. Your challenge is to pick three fruits that best describe your partner's personality. If they brighten your day like the shine of the sun, maybe you choose pineapple. If they are sweet and tangy, then choose tart cherries. If they are wild and crazy, choose dragonfruit! Whatever you choose, tie it back to your partner somehow.

Once you each have chosen your three fruits, head back home to create your Rainbow Sangria!

In a pitcher, add your wine (or grape juice), sugar, lime juice, and ginger ale, the mix.

Take a glass and add the diced fruit you chose for your partner in layers based on color. Pour wine over fruit and allow to chill in the fridge for 15 minutes.

Once ready, give your partner the sangria you made for them and explain what fruits you chose and how they present them. Then enjoy!

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