Stranded in Love Bonus Content

Stranded in Love Bonus Content

Stranded in Love Playlist

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Challenge One: Perfect Vacation Vision Board

With your partner, head to your local store you know has a wide range of magazines. Pick out two or three travel magazines (HERE is a list of some of the top ones). Find some one-on-one time over the next week and create a vision board for your perfect vacation.

You’ll need a blank piece of paper, some glue, and a pair of scissors. Go through each magazine and cut out some of the images or words that best describe your perfect getaway. You can do this together or create individual boards.

When you are finished, share and talk about your boards. Why did you choose the images you did? What is the overall theme of your perfect vacation?


Why are we doing this?

Sure, we have Pinterest and Instagram and all these digital ways to store what we enjoy, but there is just something about physically looking at something you’ve created. Creating this vacation vision board will help you identify some of the things you value the most out of a vacation. Maybe you choose the beach because it is peaceful and warm. Maybe you cut out a photo of the Grand Canyon because you like an adventure. There is a lot to learn about your partner beyond the destination.

Once you identify some of these reasons, try and create a date you can do from home or leave town to emulate the same emotions. You may not be able to go to the beach, but could you find a park with a pond to relax with your partner? The Grand Canyon maybe be a little too out of the way, but is there a local trail you can explore with your partner?

Challenge Two: Fun in the Sun Hike

Did you know the sun can make you happy? The sun helps your body release serotonin, which can make you happier. In honor of being happy, create a Fun in the Sun day hiking date with your partner. Grab your hiking gear, mix up your favorite jungle-inspired drinks (something cold and delicious), and spend some time together on a hike! Don't forget a portable speaker to blast your Stranded in Love playlist!

Challenge Three: Jungle Survival Binge Session

Pick out two or three reality survival TV shows that are primarily set in a jungle (we’ve done the work for you, below are some of our favorites).

Gather some of your favorite jungle snacks, and have your own Jungle Survival TV Show binge session!

While you watch, talk about how you’d work together to survive. See if you can come up with a better plan than the contestants you are watching!


Date Night with the Kids: Paper Airplane Contest

First, pack a picnic for the whole family, then choose a day to visit a local park. Before you head out, have each person create their own paper airplane. If you have young kids, you can make it a family plane and fold it together.

Once all the planes have been built, take them to the park and test them out (bring a few extra pieces of paper, just in case)

Once you are ready, have a paper airplane contest to see whose plane can fly the farthest! Determine a prize or award for the winner and get to throwing!

Want to create the same paper airplane that reached the world record? CLICK HERE to learn how to fold it!


    Date Night Dessert Recipe: Tiger Cupcakes

    Letters from the Founders:

    These are some of our favorite cupcakes because they are fun, easy, and perfect for any jungle-themed party! No fancy instructions required! Also, we know there are no tigers in the Amazon rainforest, but these are just too cute to pass up!

    <3 Michelle and Tyler
    Founders, Crated with Love

     Tiger Stripe Cupcakes - Crated with Love


    • 1 box of white cake mix (plus the ingredients required on the box)
    • 1 box of dark chocolate cake mix (plus the ingredients required on the box)
    • 1 tub of dark chocolate frosting
    • 1 tub of vanilla frosting
    • Orange food coloring
    • Black food coloring (optional)
    • Cupcake liners
    • A cupcake baking tin
    • Three piping bags


      Preheat the oven according to the instructions on your cake mix boxes (if they are different, choose the lowest).

      Prepare your chocolate cake mix in a large bowl according to the instructions on the box.

      Prepare your white cake mix according to the instructions on the box. Once finished, add orange food coloring. If you are making white tiger cupcakes, make sure to leave some white cake mix aside without any added food coloring.

      Once both mixes are complete, line your cupcake tin with liners and grab a spoon. First, spoon a small amount (about a tablespoon) of chocolate cake mix to each liner. Then, using a different spoon, add a bit orange cake mix to each liner. Keep going back and forth between colors until each line is about 75% of the way filled. Lightly tap the cupcake tray against the counter to make sure your cupcakes are even.

      Don't worry about being perfect with your dabs of cake mix. In fact, the more random and uneven your spoonfuls are placed, the more realistic your tiger stripes will look.

      When your oven is done preheating, bake the cupcakes according to the instructions on the boxes. Once again, if they are different, choose the lowest time and add a few minutes if needed. You can check if your cupcakes are done by poking a toothpick in the center of one. If there isn't any mix on the toothpick when you pull it out, your cupcakes are done. If there is, you may need to keep baking for a couple of minutes.

      While your cupcakes are baking, make your orange frosting by adding a few drops to your tub of vanilla frosting, mixing well. If you want to make your chocolate frosting darker, you can add a drop or two of black food coloring. Don't add too much, though. Eventually, it will turn gray and shiny.

      When your cupcakes are done baking, allow them to cool to room temperature, or place them in the fridge for 5-10 minutes. If you try and frost them too soon, your frosting will melt.

      Add your orange frosting to one piping bag and your chocolate frosting to another. Add your piping tip to the third and place both frosting bags inside that one. When you go to frost each cupcake, the frosting will come out swirling both colors.

      Place in the fridge to cool and serve up during your next jungle survival date night!

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