Step Right Up Bonus Content

Step Right Up Bonus Content

Step Right Up Date Night Playlist

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Date Night Challenge: Boardwalk Carnival Game Olympics

Enjoy some boardwalk fun in your own home by creating your Boardwalk Carnival Game Backyard Olympics! Together, come up with three games you want to make together. If you need some inspiration, we created a Pinterest board to help (our favorites are the giant Yahtzee and the DIY Claw Machine).

Once you have three games, recreate them in the backyard or living room. Once they are all finished, compete against each other to see who is the Carnival Game Backyard Olympics King or Queen!

If you want even more fun, invite some friends over to compete in a couple’s version of the game, only this time, you’ll be working together!



Bonus Challenge: The Cotton Candy Quest

This date night challenge is simple: find cotton candy. No, we aren't talking about the prepackaged kind you see at the convenience store. We're talking good ole fashioned, hand-made cotton candy!

With your partner, brainstorm a few places you may find it near you. Maybe it's a fair or a local farmers' market. It could be a baseball game or some other sporting event.

Enjoy the hunt and your time together, and stay away from the yellow cotton candy; it's bananas!


Featured Recipe: Nacho Ordinary Nachos

Nachos are a staple for any beach boardwalk adventure. However, we have a unique twist with this recipe that will make them nacho ordinary! And, if you want a dessert version, we have that too!


Ingredients You’ll Need:

  • Tortilla Chips
  • Your favorite kind of cheese to melt
  • Four topping ingredients (see challenge below)
*For a dessert twist, see bottom of recipe



This month's date night was inspired by fun little games you might find at a boardwalk carnival. Think back to when your relationship was first starting. What were some of the small date nights you both cherished (that you may have even forgotten about until now)? Not the ones on a special birthday or anniversary, but date nights that you had just because. Not fancy or expensive, but simple and meaningful.

Sometimes, these are the date nights we forget about, and yet, these often have the most impact on our relationship. A strong connection with each other is built on time and trust, and it takes these seemingly simple moments to help build them up.

So, let's celebrate those moments in the form of nachos! Together, think back to at least four of these small, simple date nights. Recount your experience and then come up with one nacho ingredient that represents it.

If it was a day trip you took to the coast, maybe you select sliced jalapenos, which look like wheels.

If you remember taking a stroll through 'old town,' maybe you add some French fries representing the wooden planks from which the pathway was built.

The choice and creativity are up to you! And remember, they don't need to be 'traditional' nacho toppings - that's where the true fun lies!

You can turn this recipe into a dessert by creating buñuelos in replacement of chips and chocolate sauce instead of cheese. Just make sure the toppings you choose go well with dessert (not that jalapenos and French fries are off-limits).

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