Seas the Day Bonus Content

Seas the Day Bonus Content

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Date Night Challenge: Seafoam Memories

Items Needed: The moldable seafoam from your box, two pieces of printer paper, two pens.


Set-up: Each person must take one piece of paper, tearing it up into 15 strips. On each of your strips, write down one fond memory you have with your significant other, only using a short phrase. For example, you might say 'our wedding,' or 'our first trip to Yosemite,' or 'when we ate pizza on the beach.'

Once you each are done, fold up your memory strips and throw them into a bowl.


How to Play: Choose one person to go first. That person must draw a strip from the bowl without showing their partner. After reading the memory strip, think of four items that best represent that memory, again, without sharing with your partner.

Then one by one, mold those items using your seafoam, having your partner guess what it is before moving on to the next item. Once they have correctly identified the four things, they get three chances to guess the memory. If they guess correctly, you both win the strip! If they cannot guess, the strip goes back in the bowl. Then switch turns.

Keep going until you both can successfully guess all the memories!


Why Are We Doing This? You may have never actually traveled to the sea's depths and discovered a hidden civilization, but we bet that you both have had some pretty fun adventures along the way.

The goal, however, is not to let those adventures fade away. Remembering them will help you both see how far you've come and can help motivate you to make some new memories in the future.

This activity challenges you not only to think and relive some of the best memories you have had with your partner, but it also challenges you to think of every little detail you can about that event, solidifying its place in your relationship.

As you both venture into the new year, look for new memories to make and new adventures to take on together!


Featured Recipe: Ocean Water Challenge

Looking for a warm and cozy sip for your date night in? Try our Hygge Mulled wine, perfect for those nights by the fire. Looking for a non-alcoholic edition? We have that for you as well! 


Ingredients You’ll Need:

  • Food Coloring (Two Colors - See Challenge Below)
  • A Bottle of Clear Soda or Carbonated Drink
  • A Tropical-Flavored Extract (See Challenge below)
  • Ice

*For alcoholic version, add your favorite spirit.



With your partner, head to the store to pick the Ocean Water ingredients. First, you each need to come up with a color that you find soothing or that makes you happy. This could be the primary color of something that makes you happy or just a color you enjoy. Try and pick a different color for each of you, then find food coloring to match those selections.

Next, you need to find an extract (usually in the spices/baking aisle) that is tropical-flavored. For example, you can use imitation coconut extract, banana extract, watermelon extract, or anything that reminds you of an ocean adventure.

Finally, you'll need to find a clear soda or clear carbonated drink that you both enjoy.

To make, add the ice and clear soda to your beaker (or glass). Add a tiny drop of each food coloring and a tiny drop of extract, then stir! To sweeten, add some simple syrup (microwave 3 tbsp of water and 3 tbsp of sugar and let cool).

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