Rooted in Love Bonus Content

Rooted in Love Bonus Content

Rooted in Love Date Night Playlist

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Date Night Challenge: Veggie Tasting

What to Do:

We’ve all heard of wine tasting, but have you ever veggie tasted? Head to the grocery store (or multiple if you have to) and find at least 5 different varieties of vegetables (or fruits) neither of you have tasted before.

When you get home, turn on the Rooted in Love playlist, cut up your veggies, and sit together to taste them! Every time you taste one variety, you must give an over-the-top description of it as if you were on one of those fancy cooking shows, then give it a score out of 10.

This arugula has a lemony overtone that is complimented by a thick, oaky crunch. I give it a 9/10”

When in doubt, just say it’s oaky. No one really knows what that means anyway!


Why Are We Doing This?

Besides the sheer craziness of trying to describe veggies (which is sure to bring a few laughs), it is also allowing you to think about the flavors and sensations more specifically.

Which veggie is the crunchiest? Which one is the juiciest? Which one has the most flavor? You are taking a veggie (or fruit) that we usually just take for granted and appreciating all the nuances and flavors it has to offer. When was the last time you thought this much about a simple vegetable?

How does this tie back to your relationship? What sorts of things does your partner do for you that you often take for granted or that you don’t think about on a deeper level?

For example, let’s say your partner mows the lawn every month. To you, it may be a simple task that they do. But do think about the gas that needs to be filled? The heat of the day? Making sure you don’t miss a spot or trying to mow a perfect circle around the tree?

Or what about laundry? Isn’t it just throwing clothes in the washer and pressing a button? Well, you have to think about the size of the load, or the right type of soap. When to use bleach and remembering to clean the lint filter after EVERY load!

But if it is something that our partners do regularly, we may not think about those specific things or appreciate them as often. So, the next time your partner does a task for you, what specific things can you be grateful for?


Featured Recipe Challenge: Our Strength Salad


To find your ingredients, your first step is to create a list of the top 5 strengths in your relationship.

Next, we want you to take each item on that list and turn it into an ingredient to make a salad that will accompany your next romantic dinner. You can make whatever type of salad you want; the only rule is that each strength on your list must be accounted for in your salad.

Don't overthink and have fun with it! If one of your strengths is humor, you may pick mandarins because they are shaped like mouths laughing. If one strength is your friendship, maybe you put peas because you are "two peas in a pod."

Along with your salad toppings, decide what kind of lettuce best represents your relationships as well as the type of dressing that best describes your love.


Why are we doing this?

Well, firstly, we love food. Food can be a great way to personify some of the characteristics in your relationship, mostly because it makes you think. We don't care if your ingredients are WAYYYYY out there. Best case scenario: you will think about each other every time you look at one of those ingredients! The goal of this activity is for you to do some critical thinking and help you recognize your strengths as a couple.

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