Perfect Harmony Bonus Content

Perfect Harmony Bonus Content

Perfect Harmony Playlist

Click below to stream the Perfect Harmony date night playlist!


Challenge One: Mix it Up Karaoke

Karaoke is one of the best musical pastimes, especially with friends and people who will still love you even when you crack on that high note. Or perhaps you prefer an audience of strangers that you’ll never see again after you sing all the words wrong… even when they are on the screen in front of you. Well, now is your chance for an embarrassment-free at-home karaoke challenge! 


Take out your MUSIC TO MY EARS card deck from your Perfect Harmony box. The person who is going first draws two cards from the deck. 

Card 1: This is the song you will sing karaoke to - look up the lyrics if you have to!

Card 2: Sing the song in the style of the artist on this card! 


For example: 

  • Card 1: All Star by Smash Mouth in the style of Card 2: Celine Dion


    Challenge Two: Pen a Parody!

    There are so many people working behind the scenes of every song we listen to; from producers, to musicians, to lead singers, now is your chance to try on the role of songwriter! Take out your completed playlist from the WE HAVE A SONG FOR THAT activity. Put it on shuffle to choose a random song from your list. Together, rewrite the lyrics to the song to make it all about your relationship. If you are hitting some writer's block, pick a topic below to get the lyrics flowing! 

    • Song about your first date
    • Song about a favorite or funny memory you have together
    • Write about your Perfect Harmony date night together!
    • Write about the best way to spend a day together 
    • Write about how you felt the first time you met each other
    • Any so many other topics! 

    If you need even more inspiration, listen to parody songs from artists such as Weird Al Yankovic, Lonely Island, or Tenacious D to get an idea of rewritten lyrics and song styles. 

    Then, put your original lyrics to the music and capture either an audio recording or music video of your performance to relive forever! 


    Challenge Three: Face the Music

    Some people stick to their favorite songs, albums, and artists. Some even go as far as playing one song over and over again until you can’t listen to it again for years! For this bonus activity, work together to expand your music repertoire by seeking out new music as a couple! 

    Every day for one week, find a new song by a new artist you’ve never heard before and spend time together listening to at least two new songs. Each of you should bring one new song to the listening session and share why you like the new song. Listen to it together and make the most of the music! Dance if you feel like dancing, stare deeply into each other’s eyes if that’s the vibe, or sing along even if you don’t know the lyrics! Who knows, you might find a new favorite song to add to your daily playlist!


    Challenge Four: Song for Everything

    At the end of the day, it’s important to fill your partner in on everything that happened that day, whether it’s the different meetings and projects you had at work or the activities you did with your kids throughout the day - there’s plenty to catch up on! Instead of the usual answer to "how was your day?", try telling your partner about your day or week through song titles! 

    Try to have an entire conversation with your partner by ONLY using titles to songs. If that’s a little too tough, try using only lyrics! Then, when you’re each done sharing, make a mini-mixtape that portrays your day in exactly three songs!


    Date Night with the Kids: Create a Family Band!

    Let’s see if Perfect Harmony runs throughout your family by creating a full-on family band! There are so many famous family bands from The Beach Boys, to Kings of Leon, The Avett Brothers and HAIM family groups across generations and genres! Now is your chance to join in the fun! 

    As a family, create your family band! 

    1. Decide on a band name together - be creative! 
    2. Create and color a band poster - don’t forget to include your upcoming tour dates and locations!
    3. Every band needs a great wardrobe! Pick out your band outfits and aesthetic, don’t forget the accessories! 
    4. Find or make instruments for each member of your family - use the drumstick pens or the blow-up guitar from your Date Night box if needed! Everyone needs something to play! 
    5. Decide on your setlist - what songs will you cover, and what originals do you have that are ready to premiere to the world! 
    6. Perform your first gig! Whether it’s from your driveway or your living room - it’s time to put on a show! Invite friends and family to hold their lighters up in the audience or support you when you inevitably crowd surf after your family rock show! Or if the live show isn’t your vibe - film a music video and share it on social media. Who knows, lots of groups are discovered on YouTube every day! 

    The most important thing is to have fun and laugh together as a family! Date night can be for everyone! 

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