Our Australian Adventure Bonus Content

Our Australian Adventure Bonus Content

Our Australian Adventure Playlist

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Date Night Challenge: The Poppy Challenge

In Australia, the Flanders poppy (red poppy) signifies the remembrance of the
ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) soldiers that fought in World
War I. It is a symbol of gratitude and support.

Your challenge is to visit your local hardware store or nursery and find some red poppies to plant at home (or you can find some on Amazon). Following the packaging instructions, you can use THIS SITE to help.

Every few days, when you go to water the plant, write down one thing you
appreciate about your partner or one thing they did recently that you are
grateful for.

When the poppies are ready to transplant, plant the peat pot somewhere
nearby where you both can remember your Australian-themed date night!


Featured Recipe Challenge: Our Aussie Cuisine

Hit the link below for a complete, Australian-themed dinner challenge for you and your partner!



Australian Movie List

Want to add an Australian-themed movie to your date night? Click the link below to few some recommendations as well as where to stream them!


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