Kickin' it on Route 66 Bonus Content

Kickin' it on Route 66 Bonus Content

Route 66 Playlist

In search for the ultimate Route 66 playlist? Search no more! Click below to stream this month's playlist and just TRY not belt out some of these classics with the windows rolled down.


Challenge One: Create your own Route 66  Road Trip Playlist

It’s hard to imagine a road trip without a fantastic playlist blasting from your speakers. The right song playing while driving through the majestic scenery of Route 66 can make it even more enjoyable. Plus, a continuous stream of your favorite music can be an excellent source of entertainment when driving even the most boring stretches of highway. Or if you don’t have a cross country road trip planned, a playlist can make activities like doing the dishes or driving to the grocery store reminiscent of the windows down and wind in your hair on the open road!

Decide on an allotted time for your potential drive. Is it a quick 15-minute errand? Or a few hours to visit another state? Whatever time you decide will be the goal length of your compiled playlist - you’ve got to have enough music to keep you going!

One song at a time, take turns adding your favorite songs to the list. For inspiration, consider your destination, your surroundings, or songs you’re ready to sing carpool karaoke to! Decide together the two most important songs on your playlist - a song to kick it off and one to finish it strong!

Save the playlist for your next trip or turn up the volume as you work on some chores around the house together - get the windows down, volume up vibes no matter the occasion!

Challenge Two: Over-whale-ming Love

How much fun was checking out the Blue Whale of Catoosa during your Route 66 Date Night? There are so many strange roadside attractions across the US, and each has its own weird and wacky histories. Hugh Davis built the Blue Whale in the early 1970s as a surprise anniversary gift to his wife Zelta, who collected whale figurines. What a thoughtful gift!

Let's replicate that wacky romantic story! Each of you take out a piece of paper and draw a blueprint for a sculpture that you would build as your partner's gift. Think big and outside the box, so this sculpture is worthy of roadside attraction status! What will you create for your partner to show your over-whale-ming love?

Once you each have your blueprint, find something in the house to create it. You can use popsicle sticks and glue, molding clay, or anything to help make your blueprint a reality!


Challenge Three: You're the Apple to My Pie

The Midpoint Café is one of the many favorite stops along your Route 66 Road Trip date night! At this famous Texas diner, you got your hands on some delicious pie. For this activity, you will each create a relationship "pie" chart to share with your partner.

On your pie chart, section out the circle into slices representing the things you love about your partner. Maybe 10% of your love is for their amazing foot rubs, 25% is for their support through tough times, 15% for their cooking, 5% for the car karaoke skills, and 3% for their (sometimes) funny dad jokes. You get the picture. When you each are finished, present your pie to one another!

Once you finish sharing your pies, work together to make your relationship pie! What are the things that work well? How do you spend your time? What do you love about what you've created together? It's all a part of your unique pie filling! Color in the sections and find a place to display your pie where you'll both see it as a reminder of your sweet slice of love!

As a bonus challenge, find a way to turn your relationship pie chart into an actual pie! Come up with an ingredient that represents each section of your pie and figure out a way to combine them into one delicious dessert!

If you need some help, check out this month's dessert recipe.


Challenge Four: Our Road Trip Kit

Whether you’re planning a road trip cross country or over the mountains and through the woods to grandma’s house, it’s essential to have the essentials packed and ready to go! With your partner, put together your road-trip kit with inspiration from the list below. Use a bin or box that you can keep in your car or in a spot in your home ready to go when a spontaneous trip arises! 

  1. Emergency Items
    1. Flashlight 
    2. Batteries 
    3. Jumper cables 
    4. Antifreeze
    5. Tire inflator 
    6. Umbrella 
    7. Portable chargers
    8. First aid kit 
    9. Flares or emergency warning triangle
    10. Multi-tools
    11. Toilet paper 
  2. Non-Emergency Items:
    1. Trash bags
    2. Tissues 
    3. Napkins
    4. Cleaning wipes
    5. Hand sanitizer
    6. Travel-size toiletries
    7. Laundry bag 
    8. Snacks!!
    9. Water bottles
  3. Fun & Games
    1. Crated with Love activities or games from your favorite boxes!
    2. Deck of cards 
    3. Ball or frisbee for rest stops


Family Date Night Activity: Drive-In at Home

Have a drive-in movie night as a family right at home! Find a spot in your yard, garage, or even a place indoors where you can hang a sheet or projector screen. Make sure there is lots of room on the floor or yard in front of the screen. As a family, create your own personal cars to sit in while you watch the movie. Tape together cardboard boxes or add pillows to a laundry basket to make your cozy drive-in vehicle. Get creative! Paint your cardboard boxes ahead of movie night to give each movie-goer their own personalized set of wheels!

When it’s time to watch the movie, fill each car with pillows and blankets, then grab your favorite snacks. You could even give each person their tray or plate of goodies to enjoy inside their car for the show. Pull up to the screen, turn on the projector, and enjoy the movie as a family with the best seats in the house!


Date Night Dessert Recipe: Mother Road Freezer Pie

Letters from the Founders:

When we were thinking of desserts for this month, a few things came to mind. Those quaint diners along the way need some homage, so we knew we had to incorporate pie somehow.

Secondly, we needed something to represent the long journey filled with unexpected stops, unique experiences, and incredible memories. A rocky road, you might say.

Lastly, we knew it's all in a name. So, mixing everything, we call this the Mother Road Freezer Pie, complete with its own date night challenge, of course.

<3 Michelle and Tyler
Founders, Crated with Love

 rocky mother road freezer pie


  • 1 Oreo pie crust
  • 1-1/2 cups of heavy cream
  • 1 package of chocolate pudding mix
  • 1 eight ounce tub of frozen whipped topping 
  • At least four toppings (see challenge below)


To start, you'll need to come up with your four toppings. Together, think of some of the most memorable road trips you each have had in the past. What made them special? What memories did you make along the way?

Separately, have you each come with two ingredients that represent that road trip in some way. Typically, you'll want to stick with sweeter toppings, but hey, get a little crazy with it!

If you remember the wide-open spaces, choose marshmallows to represent the clouds.

If your journey lead you to some rocky cliffs along the ocean, you may throw some in some chocolate chips (those kind of look like rocks, right).

If you remember the hot sun of the Mojave desert bearing down you while you changed a flat tire, maybe you choose some Flaming Hot Cheetos.

You get the picture.

Once you have your toppings, you'll be ready to make your Mother Road Freezer Pie!

To start, whisk together your heavy cream and pudding mix. If your mixture is a little too thick, add a splash of milk. Next, add your frozen whipped topping and use an electric mixer on high to fold together.

Add in your toppings (more or less depending on taste) and fold with the mixer on low. Pour the mixture into the pie crust and top with more of your toppings.

Place in the freezer overnight and then serve while you watch your favorite road trip themed movie!

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