Awards Night Bonus Content

Awards Night Bonus Content

Awards Night Playlist

Are you looking for this month’s date night playlist? Click below to stream the Awards Night playlist. Each song on this playlist comes from a hit movie. Without looking, can you and your partner match the songs to the movie?


Challenge One: Elevate Your Movie Night

Movie nights are always a fun and simple at-home date idea. But sometimes, it’s fun to get a little extravagant! With a little creative planning you can make your living room the perfect spot for a romantic evening with your partner! 

Arrange the Ambiance - Add a romantic vibe to your movie night together! Light some candles around the room, set up twinkle lights (no matter the season), or dim all the lights for the movie! If you’re feeling extra romantic - put some rose petals on the floor and couches! 

Set up the Seating - A usual movie night takes place on the couch, but for your next movie night, try switching things up! Make the seating different and exciting by setting up an air mattress in the room, or lay on a pile of all the pillows in your house, or watch together on a giant beanbag! Get close and comfy before hitting play!

Fix Your Fav Foods - This step can be as fancy or creative as you want! Stop by your grocery store and grab your favorite movie theatre snacks like popcorn and candy - or - if you want to step it up a notch, plan a dinner and movie night! Order dinner from your favorite restaurant and eat it picnic style on the floor as you watch, or cook up some small bites to snack on throughout the film. 

Take on a Theme - Choose a movie and make it the theme of your entire evening! Coordinate the atmosphere, snacks, and even your outfits to the theme of your movie night - go as all out as you want! 

To get REALLY out there with your next movie night, try our MIX IT UP DATE NIGHT CARD DECK, where we give you three unique challenges to complete for your movie night in.

Challenge Two: Decisions, Decisions

The first and (often most difficult) part of any movie night is picking the movie you’re going to watch! Sometimes choosing the movie can take longer than even watching it! It can be hard because we all have different tastes, moods, and movies we've already seen.

Here are a few ideas for how you can select your next movie to watch together! 

    1. Movie in a Minute: Play another round of Movie in a Minute from your date night box and whatever card you can’t get your partner to guess first, is the one you will watch! 
    2. Pick a Card, Any Card: Take out the Movie in a Minute card deck from your box and pick a random card - that’s the movie you’re going to watch! Easy as that! 
  • Worst Movie, EVER!: Try to find the worst movie ever to watch together. Look up reviews with the lowest stars and see if you can make it through the entire movie without turning it off! 
  • Let’s Roll: Grab one die to help you determine the movie you’re going to watch! Click into your favorite streaming service app and roll the die.
      1. First Roll  
        1. 1 - Move up
        2. 2 - Move down
        3. 3 - Move left
        4. 4 - Move right 
        5. 5 - Roll Again
        6. 6 - Roll Again 
      2. Second Roll: 
        1. The number on the other die determines how many frames you move the cursor on the movie list. 

    Streaming Shuffle: Click into this month’s date night playlist and hit shuffle! Watch a movie that has that song in its soundtrack!


    Challenge Three: Cratey of the Day

    In your box, there is a pad of Cratey appreciation slips. Whenever you notice your partner doing something you appreciate, surprise them with a Cratey. Find them and present them with the slip of paper and the trophy. Whenever you do, your partner has to stop whatever they are doing, accept the award, and give a 30-second acceptance speech, no matter what!


    Challenge Four: On Mute!

    Turn on a random movie or movie trailer and skip to any scene. Put the movie on mute! Decide who will play each role and create your own dialogue between the characters as you watch. Try to follow along with their emotions and body language and create your own storyline for these characters by providing a live dubbing. The first person to laugh loses!! Bonus points for making up voices for different characters.


    Family Date Night Activity: The Cratey for Best Family Feature Goes To… You!

    Instead of watching a movie as a family for movie night, perform it! Choose a family favorite movie that everyone has seen and recreate the movie in your own home. 

    Set the Scene: Decide which iconic scenes you will perform together and create the set for your performance! Move furniture around as needed, create a backdrop using craft supplies, and don’t forget the props! 

    Actors on Assignment: Select who will be playing each character and review the important lines either by memory or by watching it together - or create your own new and improved dialogue in an “exclusive deleted scene”! 

    Craft your Costumes: Once you’ve decided who will be playing each part, you need to find the appropriate costumes! Put together an outfit as best you can with dress up clothes, or take a quick run to the thrift store for any important costume additions! 

    Lights, Camera, Action!: When you are ready to go, film your scene by setting up your phone or camera on a tripod, or select a family member to be the camera operator. Record the scene once or as many times you need before you can call it a wrap! 

    Attend the Red Carpet Premiere: Once your movie is complete, dress up for the premiere! Roll out the red carpet, have a fancy meal, and watch your movie together as a family! You could even give out awards for best costume, best actor, best director, and whatever else you might come up with! Have fun with it!


    Date Night Dessert Recipe: Red Carpet Caramel Corn

    Letters from the Founders:

    We love popcorn, especially caramel corn. And since this month's theme is all about movies, we thought a red-carpet spin on this delicious treat would be perfect!

    Want a pro tip? The type of kernels we typically see used (in theaters and your microwave) are called "butterfly" kernels because they resemble butterflies. For this recipe, you'll want to get your hands on some "mushroom" popping kernels. No, they don't taste like mushrooms. They just look like them when popped. Because of its shape, mushroom popcorn can hold more coating, making your caramel corn extra buttery and caramelly!

    <3 Michelle and Tyler
    Founders, Crated with Love




    Start by popping your popcorn according to the package instructions. Lightly salt and set aside.

    In a medium saucepan, melt your butter. Slowly add in your brown sugar and stir until thoroughly mixed.

    Consistently stirring, bring mixture to a boil on medium. Do not allow to sit unstirred for too long.

    Once you reach a boil, allow to cook for 5 minutes without stirring. Add your vanilla after 4 minutes and stir into the mix. Continue to boil for another minute, and then add your baking soda. Stir for another minute.

    Add your popcorn to a large bowl and pour your caramel mixture evenly across. Use a rubber spatula to fold your caramel corn until every kernel is covered.

    Spread your popcorn on a large cookie sheet lined with parchment paper and allow to cool. Once completely cool, use a wooden spoon to break the caramel corn apart. You may want to break them apart with your hands. Place the separated caramel corn kernels back on the cookie sheet. Melt your red chocolate and drizzle over the top. Allow too cool and then enjoy!


    Relationship Focus: Storytelling

    Just like an award-winning movie, your relationship is built on many
    pivotal scenes that come together to create a beautiful story.

    It's important to create memories and cherish your relationship's
    "scenes". No moment is too small, and even the everyday
    interactions are essential to your overall journey together, just as
    the small points build the plot of a film.

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