What do Bloggers Think of Crated with Love?

We love hearing from couples and bloggers who have tried our date night boxes! Here is what they are saying about Crated with Love!
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The Review Girls

Jul 2nd 2018

The best part about our date was that we slowed down enough to enjoy each other.  We get so caught up in life and work that it is good to soak each other up every once in a while.  It has been five days since our date and I have noticed that we have been much more playful and lighthearted, so I think this was just what we needed!”

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The Millennial Wives Club

Jun 26th 2018

“Just know that this is an inexpensive and fun way to have a date night and an opportunity to get out of your comfort zone…I love that the box doesn’t really make it about “winning” but makes it about “learning” which really is a win win whether you’re a highly competitive couple or playing just for fun!”

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Sunshine and Munchkins

Mar 5th 2018

“If you think that a date night subscription box might be just what you need in your relationship, I highly recommend checking out Crated With Love.  Their subscription boxes are super affordable and in most cases, cost less than going out!”

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Compassionate Connections Counseling

Feb 10th 2018

“This was my husband’s favorite date box so far, because it included a number of games–he’s always stoked by a friendly competition. I was impressed by the variety and creativity of this product.”

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Living and Learning

Jan 25th 2018

“I am a huge fan of this subscription box! If you think about the pricing and how much it costs for a night out (dinner, drinks, movie, etc) it is much more expensive than this monthly box. Plus I love the fact that it gets you and your partner to spend one-on-one quality time and get to know each other better.”

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Keeping it Kendal

Dec 3rd 2017

I would highly suggest this subscription box– not only for parents- but any couple! It was such a great way to enjoy each other, all from the comfort of our home!”

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Stephs Cheers and Jeers

Dec 2nd 2017

“We had a fricken BLAST! Honestly, I think we laughed more during this date night then we have in months.”

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The Mountain Laurel Mommy

Sep 30th 2017

“We really enjoyed our date night thanks to Crated with Love and we highly recommend everyone checking them out…we’re sure you’ll be just as interested in trying one of there boxes as we were. “

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This Frugal Family

Sep 28th 2017

“The Crated With Love Box has really made a significant, and positive, change in our relationship. It’s getting to know each other again!”

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Mothering Honestly

Sep 21st 2017

“We loved this whole concept, and we have already talked about how these would be great gifts for other parents or couples that we know. I look forward to seeing what the other boxes contain in the future!”

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Mimi Loves All 8

Sep 18th 2017

“I think this idea is a great idea for married people who have lost some of their glow. It would make a great “fun” anniversary gift to any couple. I love Crated With Love and I know you will too…”

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A Prioritized Marriage

Feb 17th 2017

” If you’re a couple who loves date night but may want to stay home occasionally, not have room in your budget for a babysitter, or just feel like you’ve run out of ideas and things to do, Crated with Love may be just what you need to make date night meaningful again!”

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Run Oregon Blog

Dec 29th 2016

“In our first crate there were four [challenges], and what was really interesting was that they encouraged me to think about the way my communication style influences what my husband hears when I talk. So line up a sitter (or at the very least, clear your schedule) and get a Date Night on the calendar.

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The Brock Blog

Dec 7th 2016

“Once we got married my husband and I rarely went on dates, last minute Taco Bell was fine with me, but now that my son has been born I wish that I could’ve taken advantage of those nights that we could’ve spent with each other. Thanks to Crated With Love we were finally able to have that long awaited date night!”

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Mama Sew Crafty

Nov 5th 2016

“Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of life, it can become so easy to put each other last, but this planned date night helped us to focus on each other for a bit instead of our to-do lists and we noticed a difference!”

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Married with Sub Boxes

Nov 5th 2016

“We had a great time on our date and did some fun challenges – so much fun!  I definitely think this is a great box for couples – married or not – and I think it definitely brings you so much closer.”

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The Celebrity Café

Oct 19th 2016

“If you’re looking for a date night in at a lower price point, Crated with Love is a good way to go. While it may seem simple, everything was high quality.”

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Not a Tree Reviews

Oct 18th 2016

“We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Crated with Love Box is a great way to connect and take a little time to devote to your partner each month. We love that they partnered with Thistle Farms as it’s an excellent resource for women in need! The presentation is awesome – we love the package and everything arrived exactly as it should. The quality is fabulous – the cards are easy to understand and each of the items to complete the challenges is very nice. The curation is great! We love the variety of each of these challenges – we’re using our minds, our hands and our bodies! We had so much fun! We think Crated with Love would make an excellent gift for newlyweds or anniversary!”

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Screenwriter’s Wife

May 19th 2016

“KP and I have been busy lately. Most nights are spent either me working (I tutoring math online in the evenings) or working on other projects. Or KP is working on stuff. Or we’re working on our script together. It’s lately been a lot of working on our script. The idea of entire date nights have kind of been pushed to the back burner for awhile, which is EXACTLY why this Crated With Love box worked out perfect for us.

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