Stories from Crated with Love Couples

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Crated with Love Stories

We have the most amazing subscribers [or Craters, as we call them] in the world at Crated with Love! We work very hard to provide the best possible experience for each couple, and we get so inspired when we get a chance to hear some of their stories.  We know that our dates are just a tool and that it takes a lot of dedication and hard work to build a strong relationship, but we are so grateful just to be a part of so many powerful stories!

Below are a few of the stories we’ve received from some of our couples!

❤️ Tyler and Michelle (Founders of Crated with Love)

❤️Briana and KC, Florida

Briana and KC, Florida

Briana and KC

K.C. and I found Crated With Love at a time in our lives when our relationship wasn’t going very well. We are high school sweethearts and have been together for over 6 years and as college students we wanted to find a date experience that wouldn’t break the bank. After long internet searches we found Crated With Love and wanted to give it a try!

We underestimated how much it would really change our relationship. We began to a see a marriage and family counselor to help patch our relationship and put the pieces back together and suddenly started to notice a pattern. Often times the activities the therapist was giving us to work on were the activities we had in our box! These activities strengthened us and helped us to fall back in love with one another, they helped to remind us why we fell in love in the first place and of all the dreams we had for the future. Crated With Love provides us with the therapy we need in a fun way that keeps our love, trust and commitment growing.

We look forward to the boxes each month! We just got engaged on August 17th, 2018 and we thoroughly believe we could never have made it this far without Crated With Love and all the time, effort and care that goes into each box. This box is made for couples of all ages! Because of Crated With Love we now know how to structure our marriage, the importance of making time for one another and how to enjoy the little moments. We are so excited for our marriage ahead with the great foundation we now have!

❤️Andrew and Whitney, Washington

Andrew and Whitney, Washington

Whitney and Andrew

I genuinely believe that Crated with Love is part of the reason my long distance relationship worked. Having those date nights over Skype (each of us with our own box) made us prioritize our relationship over other things. And now that we’re married, prioritizing us is even easier. (Even with a baby on the way)

❤️Amber, Illinois

Amber, Illinois

We (my husband has enjoyed them way more than we expected lol) love love love your boxes!… I’m sure you get these emails all the time but couldn’t resist the opportunity to express my happiness we found your boxes! Thank you again for your brilliantly perfect product/company idea!

❤️Amanda and Josh, Oklahoma

Amanda and Josh, Oklahoma

In March of this year, my husband and I began seeing a counselor to help us move through a divorce. We’d been married 6 years, and those years were filled with memories of pain and disconnection, but we were committed to healing our relationship to become amazing co-parents for our children. For financial and scheduling reasons, we had also decided to continue living together, so it was especially important for us to rediscover our friendship so that our home would be grounded in love and respect.

After a few weeks of counseling, we decided to start spending some quality, one-on-one time with each other. However, with two young kids at home, that’s often easier said than done. So I did some research for subscription boxes with activities we could do at home and ended up subscribing to five different companies for 6-month trials. The first box we tried was Crated with Love’s Australian-themed “Date Night Down Under.” The other boxes from the other companies went with paint nights (we got two our first month) and escape games, but we were drawn to the idea of several activities centered around a unique theme.

I was shocked when I found us laughing out loud together a few minutes later as we learned Australian slang. I rolled around on the floor giggling for a full 2 minutes before I could finish the words “budgie smugglers,” and Josh couldn’t help but laugh at the sight of me. It was the first time in our entire relationship that we’d ever laughed like that together. It will forever be one of my favorite memories of us.

Because we’d become so disconnected during our marriage, I dreaded the activities where we had to guess things about our partner (like what items they would take in their kangaroo pouch). I was afraid that the exercise would shed light on how little we knew about each other after 6 years. However, I found that we pay much more attention to one another than I would have ever imagined. And what we didn’t know, we were able to learn.

Toward the end of the night, as we planted our poppy seeds and wrote messages of affection on the outside of the containers, I realized that we were standing in a space of admiration and connection that hadn’t been present in our relationship for months, or maybe even years. It felt as if, on our journey down under, we had found each other again. Crated with Love facilitated the making of unique, new, positive memories, and that night changed the trajectory of our relationship. I’m happy to say that we attended our next counseling session as a married couple looking forward to a lifetime of these experiences, and divorce was taken off the table.

So I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude to Crated with Love for creating a product every month with such intention and passion. What you’re doing is important. The monthly boxes and digital emails have had overwhelming, positive results for our marriage, and we’ve also repeated several of the activities from each box to enhance our relationship with our children. I want you to know how special you’ve been to a little family in northeastern Oklahoma.