Crated with Love Reviews

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Take a look at what other couples are saying about Crated with Love!

Real couples. Real reviews.

This company has some of the best customer service I’ve ever seen. I decided to try this company out a few weeks ago. somewhere an error was made and it was shipped to the wrong address. UPS was no help so I reached out to crated with love to see if there was anything I could do. they were so polite and shipped me a box that day. I was already blown away. a week later I got an email from UPS saying my box was delivered. Only, it hadn’t been. Again, UPS was unhelpful and directed me to call The postal service. several days and many hours on hold and I finally reached someone. They could only confirm it had been marked delivered and said they would investigate the matter. I’d given up but my bf convinced me to atleast inform crated with love. They were kind enough to send me another box… again. I was feeling guilty but they even eased my mind and assured me that’s the kind of service they provide. That’s the type of service that makes me say I will be a lifelong customer. They are definitely doing it right over there.

– Samantha U.

What an amazing company! I ordered the Honolulu Heist box for our 5 year anniversary and I was worried it wouldn’t arrive on time but they went out of their way for me to get it on time! Amazing customer service!! We had a great time with the date box as well which we played while picnicking in the park.

– Lee San M.

OK-so I was a little skeptical because you see all kinds of different subscription ads and I wasn’t sure what to expect. You’re really not sure what to expect but we opened it and there was really a lot of stuff so we started reading the directions and were ready to give a go! It was so much fun!!! It really was a blast and I love that you can make it as short or as long as you want! It was eye-opening to see how different people think and how you can take a step back and really communicate with your partner. We got our first subscription about a week ago and finally it last night- it was the Australian box and we cannot wait for another box.. we have to finish this box first though there were so many activities that we played probably for a good two hours and didn’t get through everything 😂 there is also an option to make it like a double date night it was so awesome! I would absolutely recommend this company, it made it so easy, no prep and a lot of laughs!

– Amy V.

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